News About The Shifters Series!

Its been awhile since we’ve had any news on The Shifters series by Elizabeth Kelly.

Well, after a long wait we finally have the news on book 4!

The next installment of The Shifters series will be called Porter’s Mate.

There is still no news on the release date but we do have a cover and blurb!

Just go right ahead and click below to see them.

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Blade Bound Chapter 2!

April 25th is still weeks away but Chloe Neill has kindly released chapter of Blade Bound!

In case you’re wondering about chapter one, you can find it in Phantom Kiss, the Chicagoland Vampires novella that was released back in January.

Now to read chapter 2, just click here and enjoy!

An Updated Blurb of The Brightest Fell!

Good news!

Just found a updated blurb of The Brightest Fell, the next installment of the October Daye series!

This blurb contains major spoilers if you read the last blurb I posted.

Also, it looks like we’ll be getting another bonus novella once we’re done reading The Brightest Fell.

Now if you want to read this new blurb, just click below and enjoy.

Remember, this next Seanan McGuire novel will be released September 5, 2017.

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Archangel’s Viper Cover and Small Teaser!

The UK cover of Archangel’s Viper is out if anyone is curious to see.

If you do see it, you’ll also get the chance to read a small teaser of Archangel’s Viper.

We all know Nalini Singh has chosen Venom to be the hero of this next installment of the Guild Hunter series.

So who’s going to be the heroine?

I’m sure those who have read the series already know who its going to be.

If you still don’t know, click here to read the small teaser and find out who she is.

News On Kate Daniels Book 10!

Have some sad news about the next and final installment of the Kate Daniels series.

Ilona Andrews have announced that the Kate Daniels book 10 will likely be released on May 2018.

Now I know this may be upsetting especially since its the last installment but if you want to know why, just click here.

I’m sure after you read that post, you’ll understand their reasons.

So keep any eye out for future news and snippets about book 10 because I’ll be sure to post them up ASAP.

A Brand New InCryptid Short Story!

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, Seanan McGuire has released The Lay of the Land which is the second InCryptid short story featuring Alice Healy and Thomas Price.


Now in order to read The Lay of the Land, click here and you’ll be taken to Seanan McGuire‘s InCryptid short fiction page where you’ll have to do is scroll down until you find The Lay of the Land.

Curious to what The Lay of the Land will be about?

Just click below to find out.

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The Trouble with Twelfth Grave Cover!

Its been a week since the release of Eleventh Grave in Moonlight and I’ll sure people are still reeling in their emotions after finishing it especially with that cliffhanger ending.

Well, the bright side is Darynda Jones has just released the cover of the next installment of the Charley Davidson series, The Trouble with Twelfth Grave!


Sadly, we won’t be getting The Trouble with Twelfth Grave until October 31, 2017. So if you think you can handle the waiting, go ahead and click below to get a look at the cover and blurb that was released awhile back already.

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