A Nice Guys Bite Teaser!

December 12th is almost upon us and that also includes the next e-novella, Nice Guys Bite, of the Elemental Assassin series!

This time  Jennifer Estep chose Silvio Sanchez, the vampire assistant of Gin Blanco, to be the star.

Jennifer Estep has also kindly posted up a teaser on her Facebook account.

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All you have to do is click here, scroll down until you see her Teaser Tuesday post.


New York Times bestseller Jennifer Estep (Mythos Academy) continues her Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series with an e-novella starring Silvio Sanchez, the vampire assistant of Gin Blanco, as he goes on a holiday date that turns out to be more deadly than romantic.

Working for Gin Blanco (aka the Spider, the assassin who runs the Ashland underworld) doesn’t leave much time for romance, especially with Gin’s holiday party planning in full swing. But when he catches the eye of a charming gentleman, Silvio finds himself going out for coffee.

All’s fair in love and war, though. Just as Silvio is starting to enjoy himself, he realizes he’s being watched. His nice-guy date doesn’t sense the danger, and Silvio wants to keep it that way (and, well, keep the guy alive) so Silvio ends the date early—only to be abducted by some villainous giants.

Will Silvio survive the night and make it back to the Pork Pit in time for Gin’s holiday party? Only if he decks the hall with bodies …

Note: This is an e-novella that takes place after the events of Unraveled, book #15. It is told from the point of view of Silvio Sanchez, Gin’s personal assistant. It is about 20,000 words — around 70 pages — and is available as an e-novella only. There will not be any print or audio versions at this time. It is priced at $1.99.

Two Small Blood Vow Teasers!

Blood Vow, the next installment of the Black Dagger Legacy series is almost here and you know what that means.

J. R. Ward has short snippets for us!

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However, they are on J. R. Ward’s Facebook page so you’ll have to click here and scroll down to the November 16 and 18 posts where the teasers are.


A Third Excerpt Of A Vampire Academy Anniversary Edition Short Story!

Fans of the Vampire Academy series will enjoy this post!

Richelle Mead has posted another excerpt from one of the 4 new bonus stories that will be included in the Vampire Academy 10th Anniversary Edition set to be released on November 29, 2016.

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Curious about who and what the short story is about this time?

Well, the title is a giveaway so click here and head over to Richelle Mead‘s blog where you will find a snippet of the short story Hello, My Name is Rose Hathaway.

Also, if you missed the previously excerpts: The Turn and the Flame just click here and From the Journal of Vasilisa Dragomir just click here.

Enjoy because we’re just less than a week away!

News On Devil’s Isle Series Book 3!

Anybody curious about the third installment of the Devil’s Isle series?

Well, Chloe Neill has finally revealed the title an the release date!

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Book 3 of the Devil’s Isle series will be called The Hunt and it is set to be released on September 26, 2017!

No cover or blurb yet so you’ll have to wait for those.

I’ll be sure to share them with you as soon as they are released.

So keep an eye out for them!

Silver Silence Release Date!

Bet everybody is waiting to know when Silver Silence, the first novel of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series, will be released.

Well, I’m happy to say we finally have a release date!

Nalini Singh’s next novel will be released June 15, 2017!

Be sure to keep an eye out on my posts for future news on Silver Silence!

Into the Fire Chapters 1-6!

Got good news for those waiting for Into The Fire, the next and final novel of the Night Prince series!

Our favorite author Jeaniene Frost has graciously posted the first six chapters of Into The Fire!


So just click here and you’ll be taken to Jeaniene Frost’s blog post where you can read chapters 1-6.

Hope you all enjoy these chapters!

Into The Fire will be released February 28, 2017.

News About Charley Davidson Series!

We’re all excited for Eleventh Grave in Moonlight, the next installment of the Charley Davidson series that’s set to be released on January 24, 2017.

I’m sure most fans are wondering if it will be the last Charley Davidson novel.

Well, today I discovered that Darynda Jones will be writing two more books!

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Best part is, Darynda Jones has already chosen a title for book 12 and it’ll be called The Trouble With Twelfth Grave!

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Want more details on what’s coming up for Charley and the series.?

All you have to do is click here and you’ll be taken to a short Skype interview with Darynda Jones.



Chapters 1&2 Of The Operator!


November 22, 2016 is almost here and that means The Operator as well!


As luck would have it, Kim Harrison has posted the first two chapter on her blog!

All you have to do is click here and scroll down a bit where chapter one is located.

As for chapter two, you can find it at the end of chapter one but click here just in case.





On-the-run ex-agent Peri Reed returns bigger and bolder than ever in this second highly-anticipated installment in #1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison’s new suspense trilogy, The Peri Reed Chronicles.

Peri Reed’s job eats her mind, but for a special task agent in hiding, forgetting the past can be a blessing.

Betrayed by the man she thought she loved and the agency who turned her into the very thing she fought against, Peri abandoned the wealth and privilege of Opti for anonymity riddled with memory gaps and self-doubt. But when a highly addictive drug promises to end her dependency on those who’d use her as a tool for their own success, she must choose to remain broken and vulnerable, or return to the above-the-law power and prestige she once left: strong but without will—for whoever holds her next fix, will hold her loyalty.

Yet even now as then, a love based on lies of omission might still save her life.

Blood Vow Chapter 2!

Blood Vow, the second novel of the Black Dagger Legacy series, is almost here!


As December 6, 2016 slowly approaches, seeing teasers and excerpts shouldn’t be surprising.

In fact, chapter 2 of Blood Vow can already be found at J.R. Ward‘s website.


  So if you want to get a sneak peek of an adorable family moment of Rhage, Mary, and Bitty, just click here and you’ll be taken to J.R. Ward‘s website post.


#1 New York Times bestselling author J. R. Ward returns as her thrilling, original spin-off series set in the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood continues! When a brooding vampire warrior-in-training teams up with a quick-witted aristocrat to solve a deadly mystery, the only thing more dangerous than their mission is their undeniable attraction.

Trainees at the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s training center continue to prepare for the war against the Lessening Society, but fighting is the last thing on Axe’s mind. Still plagued with the guilt of his father’s death, the brooding loner finds himself battling an unlikely attraction to Peyton’s enticing, aristocratic cousin, Elise. Elise feels it, too – especially when the two are thrown together in unusual circumstances, and she must decide whether she can trust Axe as she uncovers the mystery surrounding her sister’s death.

Meanwhile, Mary and Rhage are fostering Bitty, a young pretrans orphan, and hope to adopt her… until the appearance of a young male claiming to be Bitty’s blooded uncle threatens to tear the new family apart.

A Phantom Kiss Teaser!

How about a teaser of the next novella of the Chicagoland Vampires series to start of the week?


Well, we’re in luck because Chloe Neill has posted a small Phantom Kiss teaser on her Facebook page!

So instead of taking the long road to her Facebook account just click here and you’ll quickly be able to read and enjoy the teaser.

Remember, Phantom Kiss will be released January 17, 2017.


In this all-new novella from the New York Times bestselling author of Midnight Marked, Merit, Ethan, and the rest of Cadogan House crew discover that not all undead creatures are kindred spirits…

Vampires generally aren’t afraid of things that go bump in the night, but Merit and Ethan are extra jumpy after a recent attack by a dark sorcerer. So when they learn that someone is messing with graves in Chicago’s cemeteries, stealing skulls and snatching souls, they fear that their powerful foe might be back for even more magical vengeance.

But after a specter begins haunting Cadogan House—and targeting vampires—they realize that their being taunted by an altogether different sort of monster. A ghoulish villain straight out of the Windy City’s urban legends is on the prowl—and he won’t stop until he’s killed again…

Includes a sneak peek of Blade Bound, the epic final novel in the New York Times bestselling Chicagoland Vampires series.