News on Blood Fury!

There’s been a bit of confusion on the the exact release date of Blood Fury, the next installment of the Black Dagger Legacy series.

Some say its this November since J.R. Ward mentioned in a Q & A. Others say December or next year.

Well, now there’s no need for any confusion because we have the correct release date!

Blood Fury will officially be released January 9, 2018.

So unlike the last two installments that were released in Decembers, it looks like we’ll be waiting an extra month.

Oh well, at least its just a month.

We should be grateful it wasn’t pushed back even farther like a year or more months.


In a sexy new paranormal romance set in the world of the #1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series, a pair of vampire warrior trainees in the Brotherhood’s program fight their attraction as they battle a new enemy, side by side.

Brothers at the Black Dagger Brotherhood training center push recruits to the limit to become faster and stronger than ever before as they prepare for the fight against the Lessening Society. Novo, a resilient survivor who is a bit rough around the edges, has overcome a great deal—including her intense attraction to suave, aristocratic Peyton, with whom she has shared a passionate physical connection. But when Peyton finally admits his true feelings for Novo, she rejects him for a more stable male. Now they must train in close quarters and eventually confront the feelings they still undoubtedly harbor for each other.


News on Next Installment of The Black Dagger Legacy Series!

Have important news for fans of the Black Dagger Legacy series.

The title, cover, and blurb have been released!

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The next installment of the Black Dagger Legacy series will be called Blood Fury.

The release date is said to be January 8, 2018 but I doubt it since J.R. Ward mentioned in a Q & A that the release would be sometime in November 2017.

So we’ll have to wait and see.

Now click below to get a look at the cover and read who J.R. Ward has chosen as the main couple of Blood Fury.

Although, I’m sure most fans know who they will be if they read Blood Vow.

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A Q&A With J.R. Ward!

If you’re a fan of the the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, you should be aware that every year after the release of her latest Black Dagger Brotherhood novel, J.R. Ward hosts a major Q&A during one of her signings.

Now I know Q&As are common at signing but J.R. Ward‘s Q&As are quite a treat.


Well, its because she’s not afraid to share spoilers!

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Sure, some questions won’t be completely answered but J.R. Ward does share interesting spoilers we will see in future books!

Don’t believe me?

Click here for the Q&A Transcript from the Cincinnati Signing of The Chosen!

One more thing, there’s a small snippet attached to the transcript that has to do with one of the questions asked so enjoy it as well!

News on Black Dagger Brotherhood #16!

Its been almost a week since The Chosen was released.

Its also around this time that J.R. Ward announces who’s going to be featured in the next installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

So are you ready?

The next installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, book 16, will be called The Thief so you know what that means.

The next pairing to have their story told will be Assail and Sola!

Still no release date, all we know is it will be released in 2018 so keep an eye out for future info!


Review: The Chosen



A scorching forbidden love threatens to tear a rift through the Black Dagger Brotherhood in J. R. Ward’s newest novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

Xcor, leader of the Band of Bastards, convicted of treason against the Blind King, is facing a brutal interrogation and torturous death at the hands of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Yet after a life marked by cruelty and evil deeds, he accepts his soldier’s fate, his sole regret the loss of a sacred female who was never his: the Chosen Layla.

Layla alone knows the truth that will save Xcor’s life. But revealing his sacrifice and his hidden heritage will expose them both and destroy everything Layla holds dear—even her role of mother to her precious young. Torn between love and loyalty, she must summon the courage to stand up against the only family she has for the only man she will ever love. Yet even if Xcor is somehow granted a reprieve, he and Layla would have to confront a graver challenge: bridging the chasm that divides their worlds without paving the way for a future of even greater war, desolation, and death.

As a dangerous old enemy returns to Caldwell, and the identity of a new deity is revealed, nothing is certain or safe in the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, not even true love . . . or destinies that have long seemed set in stone.


Warning! Mild spoilers below.


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