News About Emme Wird Series!

Fantastic news!

Cecy Robson has unveiled news about Emme Wird’s own series.


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Emme Wird’s series, Weird Girls Touch, first novel will be called Touch of Evil.

Touch of Evil will out October 13, 2020.

There’s also a cover and blurb which you can see and read below.



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Blood Heir Blurb!

Good news!

We have a new blurb for Blood Heir!

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We also have a release date for the novel once Ilona Andrews finish it on their blog.

Blood Heir will be out January 12, 2020.

So you can wait for the book to be released or you can read at Ilona Andrews blog where they release the chapters weekly.

Now click below for the below.

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Shadows In Death Chapter 1!

Happy Wednesday!

We have the first chapter of Shadows In Death, book 51 of the In Death series!


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To read the chapter, click here.

Remember, Shadows In Death will be out September 8, 2020.




In the new novel in the #1 New York Times-bestselling series, Lt. Eve Dallas is about to walk into the shadows of her husband’s dangerous past…

While Eve examines a fresh body in Washington Square Park, her husband, Roarke, spots a man among the onlookers he’s known since his younger days on the streets of Dublin. A man who claims to be his half brother. A man who kills for a living—and who burns with hatred for him.

Eve is quick to suspect that the victim’s spouse—resentful over his wife’s affair and poised to inherit her fortune—would have happily paid an assassin to do his dirty work. Roarke is just as quick to warn her that if Lorcan Cobbe is the hitman, she needs to be careful. Law enforcement agencies worldwide have pursued this cold-hearted killer for years, to no avail. And his lazy smirk when he looked Roarke’s way indicates that he will target anyone who matters to Roarke…and is confident he’ll get away with it.

Eve is desperate to protect Roarke. Roarke is desperate to protect Eve. And together, they’re determined to find Cobbe before he finds them—even if it takes them across the Atlantic, far outside Eve’s usual jurisdiction…