The Hunt Blurb!

Finally have some news on the next and possibly the final installment of the Devil’s Isle series.

The Hunt has a blurb now!

Yes, we now have something to enjoy until the September 26, 2017 release date other than just the title.

The blurb is right below so enjoy but be warned.

It’s a really good blurb that will leave you in anticipation!

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A Special Sneak Peek From Ilona Andrews!

Ilona Andrews have posted a sneak peek of a story they are writing.

Sure some of you already know what it is but if you don’t, lets just say we’re getting another novella!

Best part is that its about a certain character from the world of the Kate Daniels series!

If you want to know who the character is all you have to do is click here and you’ll be taken to chapter 1 of the novella located at the blog of Ilona Andrews.

Hope you enjoy this sneak peek and look forward to future updates about this character’s story.

The Trouble with Twelfth Grave Blurb!


As you can see above, this post contains the blurb of The Trouble with Twelfth Grave, the next installment of the Charley Davidson series.

Keep in mind that this blurb does contain MAJOR spoilers from Eleventh Grave in Moonlight so if you haven’t read it yet, you should read this blurb after you finish it. Also, The Trouble with Twelfth Grave will be released on October 31, 2017.


That’s 10 months way..

However, if you don’t care about that then go right ahead and read the blurb!



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Review: Venom & Vanilla



Successful Seattle baker Alena Budrene doesn’t want to die. But when she’s infected with a lethal virus spread by supernatural beings, her only chance for recovery is to make a deal with the devil—or in this case, a warlock.

Though he saves her life, it looks nothing like the life she once knew—and neither does she. Alena is a new breed of “Supe” no one has ever seen before. Even the supernatural police don’t know what she is. Now exiled to the northern side of the Wall, which marks the divide between humans and Supes, Alena is thrust into a dark and magical new world.

But just as she begins to adjust to all things supernatural, she realizes that her transformation is the least of her worries—and it was no accident. She was chosen…to be killed by a Greek hero trying to make a name for himself once more.

Alena was brought up to be subservient, preferring creating to fighting, and vanilla and honey to blood. But that was then. Now, to survive, she must stand up for herself—and this time she’s got fangs. But will she be ready to use them?


Warning! Mild spoilers below.


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Review: Feversong



MacKayla Lane and Jericho Barrons return in the epic conclusion to the pulse-pounding Fever series, where a world thrown into chaos grows more treacherous at every turn.

As Mac, Barrons, Ryodan, and Jada struggle to restore control, enemies become allies, right and wrong cease to exist, and the lines between life and death, lust and love, disappear completely. Black holes loom menacingly over Dublin, threatening to destroy the earth, yet the greatest danger is the one MacKayla Lane has unleashed from within: The Sinsar Dubh—a sentient book of unthinkable evil—has possessed her body and will stop at nothing in its insatiable quest for power. 

The fate of Man and Fae rests on destroying the book and recovering the long-lost Song of Making, the sole magic that can repair the fragile fabric of the earth. But to achieve these aims, sidhe-seers, the Nine, Seelie, and Unseelie must form unlikely alliances and make heart-wrenching choices. For Barrons and Jada, this means finding the Seelie queen, who alone can wield the mysterious song, negotiating with a lethal Unseelie prince hell-bent on ruling the Fae courts, and figuring out how to destroy the Sinsar Dubh while keeping Mac alive.

This time, there’s no gain without sacrifice, no pursuit without risk, no victory without irrevocable loss. In the battle for Mac’s soul, every decision exacts a tremendous price.


Warning! Mild spoilers below.


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