Ilona Andrews Writing Article!

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If you’re interested in the craft and business of writing, click here to read Ilona Andrews article on NaNoWriMo better known as National Novel Writing Month.


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Normally, I do not like to read writing tips from authors to fans but this one was actually good.

So if you’re a fan of Ilona Andrews, you should give this article a try out.

You get to learn a bit about how Wildfire got its synopsis.


Julie Kagawa’s New Series!

This is for people who have enjoyed the series written by Julie Kagawa.

As you know, the Talon series ended back in April.

Now Julie Kagawa has revealed what she’s working on next.

In fact, Shadow of the Fox, book 1 of her new series, will be released on October 2, 2018!


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Now are you curious about this new series?

Well, just click below to read the Shadow of the Fox blurb and get a look at the cover.

I’m sure you guys will become interested in this new series once you read the blurb.


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Future Hollows Novel Title Reveal!

Another Hollows novel!?

Yes, its true!

Kim Harrison has decided to return to Rachel and The Hollows series!


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The new novel will be called American Demon and it will take place two months after the events in The Witch with No Name.

According to in an interview, Kim Harrison is still writing the draft.

So sadly, its still unknown when American Demon will be released.

For more tidbits about this novel, click here for to read the Kim Harrison interview.