Review: Tormentor 

Looking for a good Haunted house book to read?

Well look no further William Meikle latest novel Tormentor is the perfect book to read.

After his wife’s death, Jim Greenwood decides to leave his life in the city and moves to a remote shore of Loch Dunvegan. The people are friendly to Jim but all avoid mentioning the history of Jim’s new home and the ruins of the old crofter’s cottage on its grounds. It’s not long before mysterious smudges and stick figures drawn in soot begin to appear. Instead of being afraid Jim begins to believe that somehow his dead wife, Beth, is trying to get in contact with him. When things start to get worse, Jim still believes that it is Beth trying to get to him.

First, I gotta say that William Meikle did an excellent job describing parts of Scotland like the coast. Scotland is always a good setting but there some authors that can never catch its beauty. Tormentor is definitely one of my favorites of William Meikle‘s books. Anyone looking for a good scare is welcomed to read this book and it will have you wanting to know what will happen to Jim in the end.

Review: Stealing the Wolf Prince


Here’s a book I highly recommend to readers by the author Elle Clouse.

The main heroine is a girl named Kiera who lives with her cousin, Brogan, whose her only relative left and who happens to be a con artist. Due to that Kiera herself has been involved in some cons to survive but doesn’t enjoy it. Brogan eventually convinces her to one final con which is Kiera will pose as a princess and marry one of the sons of the king of Cearbhall so they can all retire from their lives as con artists. Cearbhall also happens to the kingdom where Kiera grew up and where she had the opportunity to grow up with the princes.Of the brothers, Kiera was closet to the eldest brother Lachlan so it’s not surprising that Kiera has some hopes of being married to him.

Unfortunately, unknown to Kiera, Lachlan has been imprisoned in the dungeon since his adolescence because of his wolfborn affliction and so she is engaged to one of the brothers who have taken the throne from Lachlan. Of course, the con gets discovered and Kiera is sent to the dungeon where a certain “crazed” wolfborn is to die. Upon meeting up with Lachlan, Kiera doesn’t recognize him but Lachlan sure does and won’t let his brothers  hurt her.

Stealing the Wolf Prince was such a sweet love story between two old childhood sweethearts and a sweet version of Beauty and the Beast. It’s so hard to find a good fairy tale romance nowadays. I’ve heard this is the first book to a series known as the Wylderland Chronicles and that  Elle Clouse is working on the next book so I hope it gets release soon! This is definitely a series I would come back to read.

Review: A Wicked Thing


How you asked yourself what happened to Aurora after she woke up from her sleep?

What happened after “happily ever after

Well, then you should read Rhiannon Thomas‘s novel, A Wicked Thing which is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty and what happened after happily ever after.

I should warn you that this a a dark retelling so it’s not going to be all shine shines and daisies like in the classic fairy tale.

In this retelling, Aurora’s been asleep for 100 years and awakens after being kissed by Prince Rodric. However, Aurora doesn’t fall in love with Rodric at first sight and just sees him as stranger. With her family dead, Aurora’s all alone in the world. So has no chance but to trust the new king and queen of the kingdom. It’s not long before Aurora discovers that her kingdom is is disarray and all because of the king and queen. Not only that but the king and queen see Aurora as nothing more than a pawn to calm the people rebelling against them. Refusing to be used, Aurora  manages to find a way to escape the castle one night and meets  people who are willing to help her, one who happens to be a revolutionary.

First of all, I gotta say that for a retelling of a classic fairy tail this was a good one. Though I don’t see it as a retelling but more like a continuation of the story. Loved that Aurora’s characterization wasn’t the damsel-in-distress persona in fact it was the opposite. Love that Rhiannon Thomas made the novel a reality instead of a fairy tail. Trust me on this especially when you read the scene of her waking up to the kiss. Made me think I would have done the same thing. A Wicked Thing drew me right from the beginning when I started reading it and now I can’t wait for the next one.

Review: Unleashed


It’s out!

Sophie Jordan‘s sequel to her Uninvited novel has been Unleashed! (pun intended)

I was excited about reading this novel after finishing the first one.

In the novel, our characters decide to flee the US and try to get into Mexico. Unfortunately, they almost get caught and our main heroine Davy, is shot and separated from the group. Luckily, Davy is saved by a new character, Caden who finds takes her to a colony of carriers like herself who are fighting the system that would imprison them. While staying in the colony, Davy begins to feel drawn to Caden, her defenses began to break, her heart begins to open up to him, and Davy feels like herself before her life came crashing down.

Now for those of you who read the first novel I’m sure you were disappointed about Sean but you gotta admit, you can’t blame Davy for falling for Caden. Normally I hate love triangles and I loved Sean but Caden won me over as well. So this is one of those few series in which I forgive the love triangle because either way Davy would have gotten a great guy.

Review: The Raven


Just want you people to know this isn’t Edgar Allen Poe‘s poem The Raven.

This is best selling author, Sylvain Reynard’s new novel and first book in her new series.

If you were a fan of the Gabriel Inferno series then you will greatly enjoy this book. If you’ve never heard of the series then go read the books before you get started on this one. Oh, and readers should read The Prince, which is the prequel of the The Raven. This is just the first book and already its erotic, sensual, suspenseful, and mysterious, this book is just a must read now book!

Raven Wood is an American girl working a gallery in Florence, Italy and she just loves her work and living in Italy. One night, when coming to the aid of a homeless man, Raven suffers an attack from a group of men, blacks out, and when she awakes, she’s not only alone in her apartment but her appearance is different. Not only that, Raven can’t remember anything about the attack, and  realizes something is wrong when she arrives at work and there’s nobody who recognizes her.

 William of York AKA The Prince, is all about protecting his city. He’s the typical character who has no time for love. We all know what happens to male characters who believe in that. They’re doomed and that’s exactly what happens to William when he saves Raven, he feels drawn to her and wants her when he usually doesn’t want anybody.

I won’t get into any more detail but trust me you will fall in love with not only with The Florentine series but with William and Raven as well.

Review: Bound by Flames


First things first,

Yes, I know its been released for a month now but I just had to do a review about it.

I’ll admit it that when I heard that when Jeaniene Frost said she was making the Night Prince series I wasn’t interested in it. Yeah, Vlad was going to be one of the main characters but I still didn’t care. However, when the Night Huntress series ended I need something to drown my sorrows…….Boy did the Night Prince books help. I finished the first two books on the same day and couldn’t wait for Bound by Flames to be released! I’m always going to be a Cat & Bones fan and no one in the Night Huntress world will come close to them but Vlad & Leila come close into being a rival.

In this third installment, Vlad and Leila are looking to find Szilagyi and bring him down once and for all. Both are still working out their relationship since Vlad wants Leila safe and away from danger but as we all know that’s not her nature and Leila is determined to help track Szilagyi. Unfortunately, Vlad’s fears come into fruition when he leaves Leila for awhile and while he’s gone Szilagyi attacks the castle. Won’t give too many spoilers away but lets just say Leila and Vlad really do suffer being separated. Made me feel bad for Vlad.

On the plus side, we got to see Cat & Bones but only for a brief appearance. I really didn’t care for how short it was because I was just glad to see them again! I hope they show up in the final Night Prince novel even if its just another brief appearance.

Overall, I thought this was an amazing novel and I’m excited for the next book but at the same time I don’t think I can last till 2016….T-T…….*sniffs* oh well, what can we do? I’ll be able to survive the long wait.

Review: Killer Within


Jeff Gunhus’ latest novel, Killer Within shows you how the mind of a psychopath functions who just happens to be one of the main characters. Arnie Milhouse is ready to end his 13 year old killing spree but just like so many of the killers we’ve heard of; Arnie wants one last victim before leaving town. His next victim is Allison McNeil who has her own agenda in mind.

Throughout reading the book I was on the edge of my seat and could not relax until the very end. Especially when you think you know how the story is going to be but then BANG! Everything turns out to be way different then what you expected. Not only do you read from a psychopath’s POV but you see a game being played between the two main characters throughout the story. You do not get the winner until the end and let’s just say I hope that we get a sequel with the winner in it again.

*I received Killer Within from NetGalley in return for an honest review.*  

Review: A Horse for Kate


In this novel, A Horse for Kate, a young girl named Kate moves to a new town in the country of O’Dell, Oregon with her family leaving behind the city life in Spokane, Washington . In this new town Kate has to adjust to a new school, friends and a different home. For those of us who have had a similar case we all know it’s sometimes hard at first but things do get better. Which is what happens with Kate when she eventually makes a new friend in Tori and both girls two become inseparable. When Kate left behind the city she also left behind horseback riding but in the country she finds a neglected horse which she cares for.

When I read the summary I just had to read this book. I’ve always enjoyed stories about children/teenagers who have a dream and a chance to get it. I would say this book is perfect for young girls. By reading it they can learn so much. Like the importance of values, actions, friendship, love for animals, and compassion. It’s also a good book for young readers to read so they can become aware of some of the harshness in the world.

*I received A Horse for Kate from NetGalley in return for an honest review.*  

Review: Obsession in Death


Okay okay I know Obsession in Death came out over a week ago but I couldn’t resist to make a review on it.

You would think a series that’s gotten to it’s 40th story (a round of applause everybody!) would get boring and tiring to read by now but the In Death series is one series that never gets tiring and boring!

In this novel, author J.D. Robb shows us how far Eve Dallas has come since we first met her in the first novel, Naked In Death.  Just look at her now! Eve is happily married and has so many friends and loved ones. Of course that comes with a risk and in this novel that many connections is dangerous because our Eve is being stalked by a killer. J.D. Robb picked a great title for this one because this killer is really obsessed with Eve and you’ll need to read this book to see how far the obsession is. You know I’ll be honest since I first started reading the In Death series I’ve been hoping J.D. Robb would write a book about a killer obsessed with either Eve or Roarke. Looks like I’ve got my wish. Now I’ll be waiting for Roarke’s turn to attract someone who would go as far as to become a killer like the one in this book. I’m not saying this book was boring I loved it but let’s just say I bet Roarke would have a longer list of suspects who are obsessed with him.

Review: Chasing Claire

We are just a month away from the next book of Paula Marinaro’s Hells Saints Motorcycle Club series. The title? Chasing Claire. This time it will be a Claire & Reno book.

I fell in love with Claire in the first book and hoped that the next one would be her book. Had a feeling her story would be awesome to read and I was right. Clare and Reno were just perfect. They had such heartwarming moments and at the same time there were moments that made my heart stop or jump. Now it’s time to wait for the next book which looks like it will be Glory’s book so it’ll be her turn to be the main character. So I will be patiently waiting for the time it will be released. 


*I received Chasing Claire from NetGalley in return for an honest review.*