Sixth Part of Ilona Andrews Surprise!

Happy Monday!

To enjoy it, Ilona Andrews have released another Julie POV snippet!


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If you read the previous snippet, then you should now an old character we know will be showing up in this snippet. Though its not a favorite character, it’s the opposite.

So to read the snippet, click here and enjoy!

News About Crown of Shards Trilogy!

Great news for fans of the Crown of Shards series!

Jennifer Estep has announced she will be releasing a new trilogy in the Crown of Shards world.


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The first installment, Capture the Crown, is set to be released sometime in the summer 2021.

If you’re curious about who the heroine will be, just click here to find out.

Here’s a a couple of clues, its not Evie and the story takes place 15 years after Crush the King.






Archangel’s Sun Blurb!

Great news!

We have a blurb for Archangel’s Sun, book 13 of the Guild Hunter series!


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Yo know what that means?

We’ll finally discover what pairing Nalini Singh has chosen for this novel!

I’ll be honest, it’s one I never gave a thought to.

So hurry and click below to find out who they are!

Remember, Archangel’s Sun will be released sometime in November 2020.


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