The Twenty-Third & Twenty-Fourth Teasers of Magic Triumphs!

Okay, I know I have said this before but oh well.




Two more teasers of Magic Triumphs were just released!

However, these teasers can be found on Ilona Andrews’ Twitter.

So for the first teaser click here.

Then once you’re done with that teaser, click here to enjoy another Roman moment.



The Twentieth & Twenty-First Teasers of Magic Triumphs!

Got another couple of teasers of Magic Triumphs for fans!

The first teaser can be found on Ilona Andrews’ blog.

I should warn you that this teaser is about baby Conlan.

Now click here to read this small teaser.

Be sure to scroll down a bit until the last passage.

The second teaser can be found on their Twitter.

So click here and you’ll be taken to the teaser instead of looking for it on your own.


The Eighteenth & Nineteenth Teasers of Magic Triumphs!

Got something for the fans of the Kate Daniels series looking forward to Magic Triumphs.

Looks like Ilona Andrews wanted their fans to be extra happy because they released two teasers!

Now to read the first new Magic Triumphs teaser, click here and you’ll be taken to the teaser found on their Twitter!

Also, that teaser has two parts but you can find  the second part below with the comments.

Its the first one in the comment section.

The second teaser is on their blog so head there or click here.

Fifthteenth Teaser of Magic Triumphs!

I know I just posted a couple teasers but once again Ilona Andrews has released another short Magic Triumphs teaser!


#Impastor celebration celebrate tv land cheers GIF


This teaser can be found on Ilona Andrews’ Twitter account.

So click here in order to read the teaser on their Twitter.

However, its in three parts so be sure to look below the teaser where there are comments because the other parts will be the first comments.