News on Title For Hugh d’Ambray Novel!

Good news!

 Ilona Andrews has revealed the title for the Hugh d’Ambray novel set in the world of the Kate Daniels series!

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The Hugh d’Ambray novel will be called Iron and Magic which is set between book 9 and book 10 of the Kate Daniels series!

Sadly, we still do not have an official release date but Ilona Andrews are hoping for a fall release.


Three More Teasers From Hugh d’Ambray Book!

Looks like this week is off to great start!

Ilona Andrews have posted three short teasers from the Hugh d’Ambray book on their blog,  Facebook, and Twitter accounts!

Also, it looks like this book will be released sometime in the fall.

So look forward to finding out the official release date.

Now enjoy these teasers by clicking here for the first teaser, here for the second teaser, and here for the third teaser.

A Short Teaser From The Hugh d’Ambray Book!

Ilona Andrews have posted another short teaser from the Hugh d’Ambray book on their Twitter!

No news on the release date but don’t worry, Ilona Andrews have stated that it’ll be released before KD 10 since its set between KD 9 and 10.

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So keep an eye out for it and any news on this novel.

Now this is another teaser that was divided into three parts so be sure click part 1, 2, and 3 in order to read the teaser in the correct order.

A New Snippet of The Hugh d’Ambray Book!

Ready for your weekly dose of an Ilona Andrews’ snippet?

Looks like this week Ilona Andrews have decided on giving us another snippet of Hugh and Elara, his possible love interest.

Looks like Hugh has finally met his match and I’m sure fans will enjoy these two.

Reminds me when Kate and Curran were at each other’s throats.

Now click here to read the new snippet on the Facebook page of Ilona Andrews.

Keep an eye out for future snippets and news!