Coming Soon! Elder Races Book 10!

Alright fans of Thea Harrison!

Got exciting news for you!

Moonshadow, book 10, will be released on December 13, 2016!

Yup, in a couple of weeks we’ll be getting our hands on the next installment of the Elder Races series!

So if want to get a peek at the blurb and cover before deciding to pre-order it, just click below.

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Blurb Of Next Elemental Assassin Novella!

A couple of weeks ago I posted that Jennifer Estep would be writing two new short stories about two side characters.

We got Unwanted starring Finn back in July and now on December 12, 1016 we will be getting Nice Guys Bite.

This next short story will be about Silvio Sanchez, the vampire assistant of Gin Blanco!

Since we getting closer to December it looks like Jennifer Estep has decided that its a perfect time to release the Nice Guys Bite blurb

Oh, but be sure to keep eye out on my blog for the cover which will probably be released any day now.

Now….just click below to get a sneak peek of what Jennifer Estep has in store for Silvio!

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Excerpt Of A Vampire Academy Anniversary Edition Short Story!

Calling all fans of the Vampire Academy series!

If you haven’t heard the news then you’re on luck!

On November 29, 2016, the Vampire Academy 10th Anniversary Edition will be released!

Yay! Vampire Academy turns ten next year and  gets a new cover.

Now why is this important news?

Well,  Richelle Mead has announced that this special edition will include 4 new bonus stories!

If you’re curious about what these short stories will be about click here.

Once you’re done with that, click here to read a small excerpt from the prequel short story, The Turn and the Flame located at Richelle Mead’s Journal/Blog/Random Thoughts.

Lord of Shadows Teaser Cover & Blurb!

Hey there fellow Shadowhunters!

Got great news for you guys!

The teaser cover and blurb of Lord of Shadows, book 2 of The Dark Artifices series, are out!

May 23, 2017 may seem far away but at least we have the cover and blurb to keep us company.

Besides, lets not forget that Cassandra Clare is well known for giving out teasers of her books.

Remember City of Heavenly Fire of The Mortal Instruments series?

In fact, if you click here you’ll find quite a number of snippets of Lord of Shadows.

Now to get a glimpse of the teaser cover and the blurb just click below and enjoy!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the official cover!

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Get The Prologue & Chapters 1-4 Of The Roman

Got news for those who are excited for The Roman, the next and final novel of The Florentine series!

Right now on iTunes, you can read the prologue & chapters 1-4 of The Roman!

So what are you waiting for?

Head over to iTunes to get the free sample of the final installment of The Florentine series by Sylvain Reynard!

Be warned!

After reading such an intense teaser, the waiting is even more excruciating but we have to calm ourselves and remember that it won’t be long until we finally reach December 6, 2016.



Raven and her sister, Cara, are at the mercy of a small detachment of Florentine vampyres, who are delivering them as a peace offering to the feared Curia in Rome.

Though she’s unsure William survived the coup that toppled his principality, Raven is determined to protect her sister at all costs, even if it means challenging Borek, the commander of the detachment.

In an effort to keep Raven from falling into the hands of his enemies, William puts himself at the mercy of the Roman, the dangerous and mysterious vampyre king of Italy. But the Roman is not what he expects …

Alliances and enmities will shift and merge as William struggles to save the woman he loves and his principality, without plunging the vampyre population into a world war.

This stunning conclusion to the Florentine series will take readers across Italy and beyond as the lovers fight to remain together. Forever.

Review: Magic Binds


Mercenary Kate Daniels knows all too well that magic in post-Shift Atlanta is a dangerous business. But nothing she’s faced could have prepared her for this…

Kate and the former Beast Lord Curran Lennart are finally making their relationship official. But there are some steep obstacles standing in the way of their walk to the altar…

Kate’s father, Roland, has kidnapped the demigod Saiman and is slowly bleeding him dry in his never-ending bid for power. A Witch Oracle has predicted that if Kate marries the man she loves, Atlanta will burn and she will lose him forever. And the only person Kate can ask for help is long dead.

The odds are impossible. The future is grim. But Kate Daniels has never been one to play by the rules…


Warning! Mild spoilers below.


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Midnight Hour Chapter 1!

October 25 may be more than a month away from the release date of the next novel, Midnight Hour, of the Shadow Falls series.

I’m sure most of us cannot wait to get our hands on this novel by the beloved author, C. C. Hunter especially since she has kindly given us a full length novel about our favorite witch, Miranda!

So how about chapter 1 of Midnight Hour to quench your thirst?


So if your willing to read the excerpt then click here to head over to the Macmillan Publishers website where the first chapter is.

A Midnight Hour Book Trailer!

Since we’re getting closer to the release of Midnight Hour, C.C. Hunter will kindly begin to post some teasers about what happens in Midnight Hour!

Just like she did with Unspoken before it was released!

So be sure to keep an eye out on her blog for those teasers.

For this week, C.C. Hunter has posted up a Midnight Hour  book trailer!

So click on the cover below to head over and watch the book trailer of Midnight Hour, the final installment of the Shadow Falls series!


After captivating millions across the globe, the Shadow Falls saga reaches its final—and most unforgettable—chapter yet! Prepare to fall in love all over again…

Being a dyslexic witch is a curse in itself, but Miranda Kane’s time at Shadow Falls has helped her harness her magical powers. Now, just as she’s finally mastered them and is preparing to graduate with her friends, a near-death experience threatens to ruin it all.

Miranda awakens in the hospital with a mysterious tattoo that no one can explain. As she struggles to make sense of it – and questions her feelings for a certain irresistible shape-shifter and a hot new guy – the strange markings begin to spread all over her body, leaving her desperate to find answers. But before she can solve that problem, a new one arises: her sister is missing.

Has her sister been kidnapped? Miranda will risk her life to find out. Will she live to share the day she’s worked so hard for with her friends? When the clock strikes midnight, will Miranda make it to her graduation at Shadow Falls?

C.C. Hunter brings The Shadow Falls saga to a spectacular conclusion in this thrilling finale: Midnight Hour!

The Chosen Blurb!

Its here!

The blurb of the next novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, The Chosen!

Bet people are excited to see what J.R. Ward has in store for Xcor & Layla, who are the main pair in The Chosen.

Now that the blurb is here, April 4, 2017 seems so far away.

At least we can look forward to possibly getting a couple of excerpts from J.R. Ward herself or other sites as we wait.

Not to mention we’re getting Blood Vow, the next novel of the Black Dagger Legacy series, on December 6, 2016.

Now on to the blurb!

Just click right below the cover to get a glimpse of  Xcor & Layla‘s story will be about.


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