Shades of Wicked Excerpt!

Great news!

Jeaniene Frost released an excerpt of Shades of Wicked!


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Yes, talk about a real treat especially since we’re starting to see sparks fly.

Just click here to read the excerpt of the first installment of the Night Rebel series at Jeaniene Frost’s blog. 



Shades of Wicked Chapter 1!

Looks like this is a good week for fans excited for Shades of Wicked!

Jeaniene Frost has released chapter 1 of the first installment of the Night Rebel series!


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Yes, talk about a real treat!

Click here to read the chapter at Jeaniene Frost’s blog. 

Enjoy reading the first official interaction between Ian and Veritas.

Oh, if you missed the Shades of Wicked cover just go to my previous post.


Shades of Wicked Cover Reveal!

No its not a joke.

Jeaniene Frost has finally unveiled the cover of Shades of Wicked!

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We finally have a cover with Ian!

Never thought I would say something like that especially since its Ian.

Oh well.

We might see a new side of him in the first installment of the Night Rebel series!

The same goes with Veritas the law guardian who’s a complete mystery.

Now click below to get a look at the cover paling with the blurb of Shades of Wicked.


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Shades of Wicked Blurb!

Great news!

Jeaniene Frost has released the blurb of Shades of Wicked!


the mask want GIF

Yes, that’s right.

We now have an official blurb of the first installment of the Night Rebel series!

Featuring none other than our vey own Ian and Veritas the law guardian.

Now click below to get your first look at Shades of Wicked.

Be sure to come back because Jeaniene Frost has promised to release the cover soon.


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A Halfway to the Grave Deleted Scene!

Jeaniene Frost has kindly shared with us a deleted scene from Halfway to the Grave, book 1 of her Night Huntress series!

Now I should warn you that this deleted scene is included in Outtakes from the Grave which has quite a number of deleted scenes that Jeaniene Frost cut out or changed.

So if you’ve read it already, then you’ll recognize it but if you haven’t then you’ll definitely enjoy it!


Well, its because this deleted scene is from the POV of Bones!

So what are you waiting for?

Click this link and scroll down a bit to read this deleted scene!



First Teasers of Shades of Wicked!

Looks like we got our first four teasers of Shades of Wicked!

In case you didn’t know, Shades of Wicked is the first installment of the Night Rebel series!

That’s right, the same new series that will feature Ian and Veritas.

Now the first teaser, found here, happens to be the current first line of Shades of Wicked.

Oh, I can assure you that you’ll get a good laugh once you see it.

The second teaser can be found here and you’ll also have a good laugh.

As for the third and fourth teasers, you can find them here and here.

Hope you all enjoy these teasers!

Let’s look forward to more while we wait the year out.


Title of First Night Rebel Book!

Jeaniene Frost decided to share some exciting news during a Ask Me Anything on Twitter!

If you missed it, then you missed her she revealing the title of her new Night Rebel series!

Don’t worry, you can find out the title here if you missed it.

Book 1 of the Night Rebel series, featuring Ian and Veritas, will be called Shades of Wicked

Also, if you already didn’t know the release date is October 30th, 2018

So we’ll have to wait another year for Ian and Veritas.