Spartan Heart Chapter 1!

We already got a cover, blurb, and release date for Spartan Heart.

Now we’ve been kindly given an entire chapter!

So are you ready for chapter 1 of Spartan Heart, book 1 of the Mythos Academy: Colorado series?

Go ahead and click here to read the chapter on Jennifer Estep’s website.

Just scroll down and click on the tab that says Read Excerpt.



Spartan Heart Release Date & Cover!

Awesome news to those living in the United States!

Spartan Heart, the first installment of the Mythos Academy: Colorado series, has a release date for those in the United States!

In case you missed the news, this is the spinoff series of the Mythos Academy series that Jennifer Estep started that features Rory Forseti, Gwen Frost’s cousin.

Spartan Heart also known as Bitter Frost has already been released to those living in Germany.

Now for those in the United States, Spartan Heart will be out on December 5, 2017!

So it looks like we’ll soon get our hands on Spartan Heart.

Oh, below you can find the cover and blurb of Spartan Heart so be sure to get a look.


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A Jane Yellowrock Short Story: Cat Tats!

Looks like we’re in luck!

With permission of her publisher, Faith Hunter was able to put up Cat Tats on her blog!

Cat Tats can originally be found in the e-book Cat Tales.

 Its the story behind Rick LaFleur’s cat tattoos.

However, if you haven’t gotten Cat Tales then this is your chance to just read Cat Tats!

It was cut in two parts on the blog so you can read part 1 here and part 2 here.



An Ordinary Magic Novella Is Out!

In case you don’t know, Devon Monk has released a novella of the Ordinary Magic series!


Workaholics workaholics season 3 episode 1 anders holm GIF


The novella is called Rock Candy and it takes place after Gods and Ends, book 3 of the Ordinary Magic series, and it features Jean Reed, Delaney’s youngest sister.

So if you’ve been following the series, click here to head over to Amazon and get your hands on the novella of the Ordinary Magic series as seen below.




Just An Ordinary Halloween…

Police officer Jean Reed doesn’t normally mind pulling the graveyard shift in Ordinary Oregon, the sleepy little beach town where gods vacation and monsters reside. But October in Ordinary is anything but normal. One mob of cursed gnomes, one haunted harbor festival, and one chilling visit from Death makes this October stranger than most.

But it’s Jean’s boyfriend, Hogan, who really has her flustered. With their six month anniversary ticking down to Halloween, she wonders if their time together is anything more than a casual fling. When she discovers Hogan has been keeping secrets, Jean must decide if their relationship has been nothing but a trick or if it’s been the one treat she’s always wished for.

This novella takes place after GODS AND ENDS, but can be read as a stand-alone.

Cherish Hard Excerpt!

Looks like we’re in for a treat!

Nalini Singh has released the first excerpt of Cherish Hard, book 1 of the Hard Play series!


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So if you’re not sure about reading the spinoff then click here to get an idea.

Who knows?

You might enjoy it just like the Rock Kiss series.

Remember though, Cherish Hard will be released November 14, 2017!