A Wicked Bite Quote!

Good news!

 Jeaniene Frost will releasing quotes of Wicked Bite!


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So are you ready for the first quote?

All you have to do is click here.

The Other Half Of The Grave Chapter 15!

Happy Monday!

It’s time for another chapter from The Other Half Of The Grave!

Although, I have some sad news.

This week’s chapter is the second to last chapter Jeaniene Frost will release.


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Yes, our weekly chapters of The Other Half Of The Grave is almost at its end.

Let’s enjoy it while we can by reading chapter 15.

If you missed a previous chapter or read them all again, click here to read them.

A Third Wicked Bite Snippet!

Good news!

 Jeaniene Frost has released another brand new snippet of Wicked Bite!


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The best part is this snippet ends in a major cliffhanger.

Trust me, fans will definitely love and hate this snippet especially since we are still a month and a half away from the release date of Wicked Bite.

So click here for the snippet but beware because its good..