A Brand New InCryptid Short Story!

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, Seanan McGuire has released The Lay of the Land which is the second InCryptid short story featuring Alice Healy and Thomas Price.




Now in order to read The Lay of the Land, click here and you’ll be taken to Seanan McGuire‘s InCryptid short fiction page where you’ll have to do is scroll down until you find The Lay of the Land.

Curious to what The Lay of the Land will be about?

Just click below to find out.


Thomas Price has seen the world, has studied and fought unbelievable creatures on every continent, and knows more about cryptids than almost anyone else alive. But he’s never seen anyplace like Buckley Township, Michigan, and he’s certainly never met anyone like Alice Healy, who is far too young for him, far too much a Healy for him, and far too wild to disregard. This is going to be an interesting assignment.

Unable to understand why her ever-tolerant father wants her to write off a newcomer as dangerous solely because of his origins, Alice Healy has set herself on a collision course with Thomas Price–a man who needs companionship, answers, and someone to guide him through the tangled ecosystems of the local wood, where the unwary go in, but don’t come out.

It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and a new chapter in the story of the Healy family. Assuming that Alice can get Thomas through the woods alive, and Mary can convince Alice not to get Thomas murdered by her father.

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