Bad And Good News….Jeaniene Frost fans……….

Sorry to say this to those of you looking forward to The Sweetest Burn, the second novel of the new Broken Destiny series, but according to Jeaniene Frost it has been pushed back to 2017.


The good news is we have a title for Book 3 and The Sweetest Burn will be released on June 2017!

Not only that but according to Jeaniene Frost, The Brightest Flame (book 3) of the Broken Destiny series will be released one month later on July 2017!


Now I’m sure you all are wondering: What happened to March 2016? Why 2017? Why was it pushed back?

Jeaniene Frost has kindly posted up on her blog the reasons for the delay and 2017 release date.

So click here to head on over there to read her post but do not blame her for this delay since it’s not her fault. That’s just how the writing industry is.

Don’t look at the negative, look at the positive! The Brightest Flame will be released one month after The Sweetest Burn is released!

So look forward to future posts about the series and the exact release dates for the two Broken Destiny series books. Not to mention the cover for The Brightest Flame.


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