Next Black Dagger Brotherhood Novel!


We finally have a title and cover of the next Black Dagger Brotherhood installment!


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Book 19 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series will be Lover Unveiled!

The release date will be April 20, 2021.

Now click below for the cover and small blurb.


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The Sinner Cover & Blurb Reveal!

Looks like we have more news about the Black Dagger Brotherhood series!

 Like say a cover, blurb, and release date!


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So mark the calendars because The Sinner will be out March 24, 2020.

Looks like its an earlier release date!

Now click below for the cover and blurb!



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Review: The Savior



A vampire and a scientist’s fates are passionately entwined in a race against time in this thrilling romance in the #1 New York Times bestselling “utterly absorbing and deliciously erotic” (Angela Knight, New York Times bestselling author) Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

In the venerable history of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, only one male has ever been expelled—but Murhder’s insanity gave the Brothers no choice. Haunted by visions of a female he could not save, he nonetheless returns to Caldwell on a mission to right the wrong that ruined him. However, he is not prepared for what he must face in his quest for redemption.

Dr. Sarah Watkins, researcher at a biomedical firm, is struggling with the loss of her fellow scientist fiancé. When the FBI starts asking about his death, she questions what really happened and soon learns the terrible truth: Her firm is conducting inhumane experiments in secret and the man she thought she knew and loved was involved in the torture.

As Murhder and Sarah’s destinies become irrevocably entwined, desire ignites between them. But can they forge a future that spans the divide separating the two species? And as a new foe emerges in the war against the vampires, will Murhder return to his Brothers… or resume his lonely existence forevermore?


Warning! Mild spoilers below.

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The Next Black Dagger Brotherhood Novel!


 J.R. Ward had her Cincinnati signing and we got to learn about the title and main characters of book 18 during her Q&A.


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So are you ready for the news?

The title for next installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series will be The Sinner!

Now are you ready for the hero and heroine?

It will be Syn and Jo Early!

Remember, Syn is part of the Band of Bastards and Jo is the human who is related to Manny and Butch that ran the vampire blog.


The Final The Savior Teaser!

Well, its been two days since The Savior was released.

Personally, I have not had the chance to start it and I’m sure I am not the only one.

So how about one more teaser for those who still do not know what to expect?


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If so, click here to read The Savior teaser.


I hope we all get a chance to read The Savior this weekend!

A Sneak Peek of The Caldwell Courier Journal!

Greetings fans!

Who has not heard of The Caldwell Courier Journal?


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Well, The Caldwell Courier Journal is J.R. Ward’s new newsletter.

Which means we have more chances of getting Black Dagger Brotherhood original content!

Not sure if you want to subscribe?

Just click here and you’ll be taken to a sneak peek of what to expect in the newsletter.

If you decide to subscribe, there will be a link in the sneak peek that will help you subscribe.

A Third The Savior Teaser!

Yes it is Friday!

To celebrate, enjoy this teaser of The Savior.


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All teasers can be found on J.R. Ward’s Twitter.

If you do not want to look for the teaser, click here and you’ll be taken directly to it.


We are a month away from the 17th installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series will be out on April 2, 2019.