Night and Silence Blurb!

It’s been awhile fans of the October Daye series but I have something you’re going to love.

As it says above, we have a blurb for Night and Silence, book 12 of the October Daye series.


Yep, I bet we’ve all been waiting for news (especially the blurb) on Night and Silence especially after the events in the last installment, The Brightest Fell.

Looks like Seanan McGuire is returning to an old a story-line that fans remember.

Although, I honestly never thought we return to this story-line again.

Don’t know what I mean?

Well, just head down and click below to get a sneak peek of Night and Silence.

Man, September 5th, 2018 seems so far away.


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Another High Voltage Teaser!


First of, I just want to say to everybody:



Next, fans of the Fever series are in luck because another High Voltage teaser has been released!

So click here and you’ll be taken to the latest teaser that Karen Marie Moning has kindly shared with her fans.

Teaser seems to be the first page of a chapter and its from the POV of a male.

Though its anyone’s guess who the male is.

Hope fans enjoy it!

A High Voltage Teaser!

I know its been awhile fans of the Fever series.

However, I’m pleased to say that the waiting has paid off because Karen Marie Moning has released the first teaser of High Voltage!



Now I know High Voltage won’t be out until  March 6, 2018 but at least we have teasers to get us by!

So click here for the first look of High Voltage and keep an eye out for future teasers!




#1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning returns with a pulse-pounding novel of immortal Faerie and ancient feuds, secrets and sacrifices, connected by a mythical, delicate red thread that binds special lives together in magical, mysterious, life-altering ways.

There is no action without consequence…

Dani O’Malley was nine years old when the delusional, sadistic Rowena transformed her into a ruthless killer. Years later, she’s tough, hardened, yet achingly vulnerable and fiercely compassionate, living alone by her own exacting code. Despite the scars on her body, driven by deeper ones carved into her soul, no one is more committed to protecting Dublin. By day, she ensures the safety of those she rescues, by night she hunts evil, dispensing justice swiftly and without mercy, determined to give those she cares for the peace she has never known.

There is no power without price…

When the Faerie Queen used the dangerously powerful Song of Making to heal the world from the damage done by the Hoar Frost King, catastrophic magic seeped deep into the earth, giving rise to horrifying, unforeseen consequences–and now deadly enemies plot in the darkness, preparing to enslave the human race and unleash an ancient reign of hell on Earth.

There is no future without sacrifice…

With the lethal, immortal Ryodan at her side, armed with the epic Sword of Light, Dani once again battles to save the world but her past comes back to haunt her with a vengeance, demanding an unspeakable price for the power she needs to save the human race and no one—not even Ryodan who’d move the very stars for her—can save her this time…

News About In Death Book 47!


Dark In Death will be out by the end of next month.

Which means its time for us to get a quick look at the next installment of the In Death series!

So are you ready?


Image result for excited gif


J.D. Robb’s book 47 of the In Death series will be called Leverage In Death.

Now the release date will be September 6, 2018 but which shouldn’t be surprising.

Also, there’s still no cover so we’ll have to wait for that.

However, we did get the Leverage In Death blurb!

So click below to get a look at what J.D. Robb has in store for us in the 47th installment!



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