Review: Golden In Death

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In the latest thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas investigates a murder with a mysterious motive―and a terrifying weapon.

Pediatrician Kent Abner received the package on a beautiful April morning. Inside was a cheap trinket, a golden egg that could be opened into two halves. When he pried it apart, highly toxic airborne fumes entered his body―and killed him.

After Eve Dallas calls the hazmat team―and undergoes testing to reassure both her and her husband that she hasn’t been exposed―it’s time to look into Dr. Abner’s past and relationships. Not every victim Eve encounters is an angel, but it seems that Abner came pretty close―though he did ruffle some feathers over the years by taking stands for the weak and defenseless. While the lab tries to identify the deadly toxin, Eve hunts for the sender. But when someone else dies in the same grisly manner, it becomes clear that she’s dealing with either a madman―or someone who has a hidden and elusive connection to both victims.


Warning! Mild spoilers below.

Can you believe it?

It feels like only yesterday I was reading the first installment, Naked In Death.

Now I am writing a review for the 50th installment of the In Death series!

As always, Golden In Death was entertaining like its predecessors. It opens with Dr. Kent Abner deciding to go on a run but decides to open a package he just received. Hours later, Abner’s husband arrives home to find him dead and our favorite lieutenant, Eve Dallas, is called to the scene. Eve discovers the cause of death was the package Abner received which was a small golden egg that released a nerve agent.  The case is not an easy one especially when its hard to discover who would want to kill the victim who everybody loved and had no enemies. If it was not bad enough, someone else falls victim to the same cruel fate and is killed with another golden egg.  Now Eve has to find the connection between these two victims before any more people get target by the killer.

Overall, Golden In Death was a jaw dropping mystery thriller that fans will surely enjoy reading. J.D. Robb stepped up and delivered such an amazing novel to celebrate her 50th book.  I really loved how much of a development Eve, Roarke, and the other side characters have gone through since Naked In Death. If you have never read the entire series, it’s a good time to start.



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