Review: Leverage In Death


Lieutenant Eve Dallas puzzles over a bizarre suicide bombing in a Wall St. office building in the latest in the #1 New York Times bestselling series…

For the airline executives finalizing a merger that would make news in the business world, the nine a.m. meeting would be a major milestone. But after marketing VP Paul Rogan walked into the plush conference room, strapped with explosives, the headlines told of death and destruction instead. The NYPSD’s Eve Dallas confirms that Rogan was cruelly coerced by two masked men holding his family hostage. His motive was saving his wife and daughter—but what was the motive of the masked men?

Despite the chaos and bad publicity, blowing up one meeting isn’t going to put the brakes on the merger. All it’s accomplished is shattering a lot of innocent lives. Now, with the help of her billionaire husband Roarke, Eve must untangle the reason for an inexplicable act of terror, look at suspects inside and outside both corporations, and determine whether the root of this crime lies in simple sabotage, or something far more complex and twisted.


Warning! Mild spoilers below.


As always, J. D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) never fails in her writing and has given us fans another great addition to the In Death series!

In Leverage in DeathPaul Rogan walks in on a meeting of finalizing a merger between his company and another. However, the merger is the last thing on Rogan’s mind. It’s soon revealed that Rogan’s wearing a vest strapped of explosives and they’re set off, killing Rogan and 11 other people. Our lead detective, Eve Dallas, arrives at the scene to investigate what everybody believes is a a suicide bombing. Yet, Eve finds it hard to believe that a devoted family man like Rogan who loved his job, boss, and coworkers could commit such an act. Her suspicions are proven right when its discovered that Rogan was forced to commit the act in order to save his wife and daughter who were held hostage by two masked men. Now the question Eve has is what was the motive of the two masked men? Was it terrorism? Or was it meant to look that way in order to hide the real reason? What’s worse is its very possible that the two men will do it again so Eve and her team need to catch them quick before another attack takes place.

Overall, Leverage in Death was another intense mystery novel! You would think that after 47 books, J. D. Robb would run out of plots to write about but she proved to us that she can turn just about any plot into a story. Personally, I’ve never had an interest or understanding of how the stock market and mergers work. It’s just too complex. Luckily, Robb’s was able to give readers a clear and simple understanding of how they work. Once you have the understanding then plot becomes more interesting especially when you realize the horrible things people would do for money. Seriously, I wondered how Eve and her team would solve this case especially since it was definitely was of the most complex and impossible cases that they had to solve. Though that just made the novel even more exciting and keeps you guessing until the end! I cannot wait to see what J. D. Robb has in store for us in the next In Death installment!





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