Review: Inferno


From the internationally bestselling author of The Iron Fey series comes the final novel in the fiery and unforgettable Talon Saga. Get ready to burn



Ember Hill has learned a shocking truth about herself: she is the blood of the Elder Wyrm, the ancient dragon who leads Talon and who is on the verge of world domination. With the Order of St. George destroyed, Ember, Riley and Garret journey to the Amazon jungle in search of one who might hold the key to take down the Elder Wyrm and Talon. If they can survive the encounter.

Meanwhile, Ember’s brother, Dante, will travel to China with a message for the last Eastern dragons: join Talon or die. With the stakes rising and the Elder Wyrm declaring war, time is running out for the rogues and any dragon not allied with Talon.

The final battle approaches. And if Talon is victorious, the world will burn.


Warning! Mild spoilers below.



Been following the Talon series since the first installment was released and waiting for the final installment has been painful. Yet, at the same time it was worth the wait because Julie Kagawa did not disappoint us with Inferno!

Due to the events in the previous installment, Legion, Ember Hill now knows that she’s the blood of Talon’s leader, Elder Wrym. Not only that but Elder Wrym plans on making Ember become her true vessel to so she could gain immortality by expanding her life. However, this would lead to Ember being erased from existance. Luckily, Ember escaped from Talon along with Garret and Riley and now are searching a way to fight against the Talon Clone dragons who can bring ruin to the world. First thing, the three have to do is find allies in order to fight against Talon and the clones. They better do it quick because Elder Wrym decides to Dante to China to send a message to the Eastern Dragons that if they refused to join Talon then they’ll be killed with others who’re against them.

Overall, Inferno was a perfect conclusion to the series and I really am going to miss reading the series. It had everything a finale should have from action to thrill to suspense and of course, it had a bit of romance. Glad that the love triangle between Garret, Riley, and Ember was finally resolved. I know that it was resolved in Legion but I’m glad Riley can finally move on from Ember. Once again, if you’ve been flowing the Talon series then you better read Inferno in order to not miss the final showdown between the rogues and Talon.


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