News on Guild Hunter Novel 11!

Its here!

We finally have news on book 11 of the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh!

What kind of news?

Just the title and a small blurb!



Yes, its certainly awesome news!

Now are you ready for the title?

The 11th installment will be called Archangel’s Prophecy.

Sounds like another Elena and Raphael novel but it’s still too soon to tell from just the title and blurb so we’ll have to wait for more details from Nalini Singh.

Now the blurb below is not the official blurb so we’ll have to wait for the official one to be released.

However, it does give us a clue of what Nalini Singh has in store for us in Archangel’s Prophecy.


Reacquaint yourself with New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh’s breathtakingly passionate Guild Hunter world in this captivating paranormal romance in the series.

The stakes are even higher as the struggle for power among the angels threatens to tear the world apart.


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