Attention! Kim Harrison’s Future Plans!

Its been months since the release of The Turn.

This prequel to the The Hollows series, was something fans were all looking forward to.

After all, we finally get answers about the tomato incident.

We also get to meet Trent’s parents who are already dead during The Hollows series.

Which leads me the big announcement, looks like we’ll be seeing more of Kal and Trisk.

Kim Harrison has announced two more books that take place after The Turn.

So we’re going to get two more prequels of The Hollows series.


Converse reaction happy excited jump GIF


There’s still no official release date but its reassuring to know there’s two more books.

If you’re curious about where I got this info, I heard it from a Kim Harrison interview.

If you want to hear this interview, just click here.

I highly recommend fans to hear it especially since you get to hear interesting details.


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