Review: Fighting Back


The final novella in the New York Times bestselling Shadow Falls series!

Everything is changing, and Kylie’s not sure how to feel about it. It’s her senior year at Shadow Falls, but her boyfriend, Lucas Parker, has already graduated and has new responsibilities with the werewolf council. When he breaks a promise to her and leaves on a two-week mission for his pack, she starts to worry that their love just isn’t strong enough to stand the test of time.

While still devastated by his absence and the emotional distance that’s grown between them, Kylie’s visited by a new spirit with a vague but urgent message: “Save him.” The spectral visits are unsettling and confounding, but when Kylie discovers the ghost’s connection to Lucas, she becomes terrified. Lucas is the one she needs to save. While their future may still be uncertain, Kylie will do whatever it takes to save the life of the only boy she’s ever truly loved.


Warning! Mild spoilers below.



C.C. Hunter wrote one final novella, Fighting Back, about the first couple of the Shadow Falls series: Kylie and Lucas.When we last saw Kylie and Lucas in Chosen at Nightfall, we thought their story and relationship ended happily. After all, they seemed happy the number of times we’ve seen them in the Shadow Falls: After Dark series. However, it seems that we were wrong about that.

Fighting Back takes place after the events in Unspoken but before the events in Midnight Hour. Lately, every time Kylie and Lucas have been having trouble finding the time to spend with each other. The reason is every time they have a planned date, Lucas is called by the werewolf council even in his free time. In fact, it gets to the point where Kylie becomes convinced that the werewolf council are trying to break them up because she’s not a werewolf. Lucas believes she’s just being paranoid which ends up with them having a fight. However, when Lucas leaves for a two-week sabbatical because of the werewolf council, Kylie soon discovers that there’s a sinister plot against Lucas and Kylie rushes to save him before its too late.

Overall, Fighting Back was a great opportunity for fans to see Kylie and Lucas as the main characters again. Out of the three couples in the Shadow Falls series, these two were my favorite so I was excited at the chance to read one more story about Kylie and Lucas. Not to mention the fact that I was very happy to read a couple of chapters from Lucas’ POV! By the end of the novella, things aren’t exactly perfect and there’s still going to be challenges for them but Kylie and Lucas are not going to give up on their relationship and are determined to prove that to those who are against their relationship.







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