Review: Venom & Vanilla



Successful Seattle baker Alena Budrene doesn’t want to die. But when she’s infected with a lethal virus spread by supernatural beings, her only chance for recovery is to make a deal with the devil—or in this case, a warlock.

Though he saves her life, it looks nothing like the life she once knew—and neither does she. Alena is a new breed of “Supe” no one has ever seen before. Even the supernatural police don’t know what she is. Now exiled to the northern side of the Wall, which marks the divide between humans and Supes, Alena is thrust into a dark and magical new world.

But just as she begins to adjust to all things supernatural, she realizes that her transformation is the least of her worries—and it was no accident. She was chosen…to be killed by a Greek hero trying to make a name for himself once more.

Alena was brought up to be subservient, preferring creating to fighting, and vanilla and honey to blood. But that was then. Now, to survive, she must stand up for herself—and this time she’s got fangs. But will she be ready to use them?


Warning! Mild spoilers below.


When I heard about The Venom Trilogy series by Shannon Mayer, I was excited especially after reading The Nevermore Trilogy and A Celtic Legacy series.

Now after finishing Venom & Vanilla, book 1 of the trilogy, I cannot wait to get started on Fangs & Fennel, book 2!

Venom & Vanilla is set in a world where humans and supernatural are separated from each other by a wall. Even calling anybody on the other side is forbidden. On the supernatural side,supernatural also known as “Supes or Super Dupers are not allowed to interact with anyone from a different species. If that wasn’t bad enough supernaturals carry a deadly virus called the Aegrus virus but it only infects humans. Once a human is infected, he or she are sent to a secluded hospital where majority die. Its in this hospital where we meet our main heroine, Alena Budrene.

Alena was happily married and a baker until she was infected by the virus. Now she’s slowly dying and her husband is already starting a new life with another woman before Alena’s even dead. Despite her world falling to pieces, Alena does not want to die. Luckily, she is offered the chance to be cured by Merlin the warlock but must be turned into a supernatural. Alena’s at first refuses because she comes from a family that are part of a religion known as the Firstamentalists  who do not associate with the supernatural otherwise they will go to hell. However, Alena eventually gives in and Merlin turns her into something special. As a result, Alena is sent to the supernatural side of the wall where Alena learns that living in the supe world is not that easy. If that wasn’t bad enough, Alena has no idea what she has been turned into and neither does anybody else. Alena is determined to figure it out especially after a legendary Greek hero shows up to kill her for being a monster.

Overall, Venom & Vanilla is a great way to start the series because not only was it a great installment but because Shannon Mayer did an excellent job in bringing the Greek mythology and urban fantasy together. Its been awhile since I read a series that contained these two genres together. Yes, once I finished Venom & Vanilla, I could see that it was the beginning of a wonderful series and I cannot wait to see what Shannon Mayer has planned for Fangs and Fennel!


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