Review: Full Of Briars



Meet Quentin Sollys. Squire. Hockey fan. Canadian. And Crown Prince to the entire continent of North America, known as “the Westlands” to the fae, currently ruled by his parents, High King Aethlin and High Queen Maida. Not that most people know that, since he’s a blind foster squired to a changeling—not exactly something that screams “hidden royalty.”

But with a new Queen on the throne in the Mists, his parents have finally come to town to see how he’s doing…and to take him home with them. That’s going to be a problem, since Quentin doesn’t particularly want to leave, and his knight, Sir October Daye, doesn’t particularly want to let him go.

Set after Chimes at Midnight and before The Winter Long, it’s finally time to meet the parents in our first-ever story narrated by Quentin himself.


Warning! Mild spoilers below.



Full of Briars takes place after Chimes at Midnight, so it takes place after Arden’s coronation ceremony. However, instead of Toby’s POV, we get to read the POV our favorite teenage squire Quentin. Have to say, reading Quentin’ s POV was quite interesting because you see how much he has changed since we met him in Rosemary and Rue. Also, its thanks to this growth that Quentin is able to go up against his parents, High King Aethlin and High Queen Maida, when they tell him that they are going to take him home since he revealed that he was the Crown Prince. Seriously, enjoyed the scenes with Quentin and parents because those conversations are where you see how far Quentin has come since meeting Toby.

Overall, I thought Full of Briars was another delightful short story of the October Daye series. Hope Seanan McGuire writes another novelette again from Quentin’s POV because its so different from Toby and Tybalt’s POV and there are moments in his mind that make you want to laugh out loud. Not to mention its always interesting  to see our favorite characters and the world from another angle. My only complaint which I’m sure you’ll will agree with me is it was too short but other than that Full of Briars was a warm and joyful novelette.






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