An All New InCryptid Short Story!

Anybody out there a lover of the InCryptid series?

If so, then you should head over to the InCryptid short fiction page on Seanan McGuire’s website because a new InCryptid short story has been posted!

Wondering who’s the short story about?

You’ll have to click below to find out.


Where does a journeyman cryptozoologist-slash-professional ballroom dancer take her former enemy and current boyfriend for the last stop on their continent-spanning road trip adventure?

Vegas, naturally.

When Verity Price and Dominic De Luca roll into Las Vegas, Nevada, what should have been an easy end to their working vacation quickly turns into something a lot more complicated, and a lot more important, since without the efforts of a family friend, Dominic may not be able to stay with Verity for much longer.

They’re almost home. Now it’s time to see if they can’t beat the house odds and make it the rest of the way before things finally decide to start going horribly wrong.


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