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Jaguar shifter, Katarina Frost, isn’t looking for love. And she certainly isn’t looking for love with a tattooed bird shifter with a smart mouth and the ability to make her cat purr with just a single, scorching look. Cat shifters do not take bird shifters to their bed. Especially when the bird shifter is their employee. Too bad her cat didn’t get the memo.

Ronin Smith doesn’t care that Kat’s his employer. He wants the sexy cat shifter and he’s determined to have her. His offer to help Kat during her heat cycle is a temptation she can’t deny and neither of them are prepared for the smoking hot, undeniable chemistry between them.

Kat knows she needs to keep Ronin at a distance. There’s no future for a cat and a bird. But as her feelings for Ronin grow and a threat from his past tries to take him from her, Kat will risk everything to protect him.

Author’s Note: This is Book Three in the “Shifters Series”. Books One and Two MUST be read first in order to have a full understanding of the characters.

Please note that this book contains steamy and explicit sex scenes and may not be your cup of tea. It is intended for mature audiences only.


Warning! Mild spoilers below.

As stated above, in order to understand Katarina and the Bird, readers must have read book 1, Willow and the Wolf, and book 2, Ava and the Bear so you can get an idea of the characters and their world. Not only that but I think you’ll enjoy reading Willow and Mal’s story along with Ava and Bishop‘s story which was quite enjoyable to read plus there were a couple of laughs.

Katarina and the Bird picks up two months after Ava and the Bear. Our main female lead is Jaguar shifter Katarina Frost, better known as Kat, once again is worried about her heat cycle which is coming up. Ronin Smith is a rare bird shifter which you can probably figure out if you connect the clues from  Ava and the Bear up to the reveal. Not only that but Ronin is running from a past that is connected to the story’s plot. Any body can tell these two are attracted to each other but when Ronin offers to help her out again Kat refuses due her belief that“cats and birds do not mate”. Yet, there are moments in the novel when Kat gets possessive and jealous that she ignores her belief especially when she sees Ronin fooling around with other women. The same goes with Ronin.

Setting aside the romance, there’s been a case of shifters acting strange and aggressive to point that they go insane and start killing what’s in their way. Its as though they’re infected with something. Also, if a infected shifter has bitten another shifter than that shifter becomes infected as well. Unknowingly, our characters agree to help an infected shifter who was tracked by the shifter who infected her and the men partially responsible for letting the disease get spreaded.

Katarina and the Bird was another wonderful romance story in Elizabeth Kelly‘s new The Shifters series. Kat and Ronin’s chemistry  was hot and explosive that it makes you want to slap them both in the head for taking so long to get together. Loved how the author coninues to show several different point of view, not only main characters in book but past characters so you can get updates on their relationships. Once again I think readers will  enjoy the humor Elizabeth Kelly has added because there were plenty of moments in the story that made me laugh out loud even with a suspenseful plot. So I highly recommend this book and its series so if haven’t started The Shifters series go and get started.

*Now the wait for Book 4 begins.

*I received an Katarina and the Bird ARC from the author in return for an honest review.* 



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