News of C.C. Hunter’s Miranda Novel!

It’s here!

The cover and title for the final chapter in the Shadow Falls series!

Wondering who’s novel its going to be? If you don’t already know, its going to be our favorite witch, Miranda Kane!

That’s right!

C.C. Hunter has given us a full length novel of Miranda called Midnight Hour which has a release date set for October 25, 2016! If you’ve loved the Spellbinder cover then I’m sure you’ll love the cover because its absolutely beautiful.

Don’t forget to keeping checking my posts for any more news about the Shadow Falls series!

Now without further adieu just click below to get a glimpse of the cover and small blurb for Midnight Hour!


A missing sister, a heart in turmoil, and a growing tattoo that no one understands: The Shadow Falls saga comes to a spectacular conclusion in this thrilling finale!

Being a dyslexic witch has never been easy for Miranda Kane, but her time at Shadow Falls helped her tap into her true powers. Now her life is thrown into chaos after a near death experience leaves her with a mysterious growing tattoo no one can explain. Her heart is a mess over whether to get back together with Perry or take a chance on a new love, her parents are spitting up, and she may not get into the same college of her two best friends. To upend her world further, it appears her sister has been kidnapped and it’s not just her they want. Miranda’s only way of saving her sister may be to take her place. Will her friends at Shadow Falls save Miranda…or will she realize that she had the power to save herself all along?



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