Attention Fans of Kate Daniels Series! HUGE NEWS!

Got awesome news for those who love the Kate Daniels series!

Our favorite married authors, Ilona Andrews has just announced on their blog that they have sold the film and TV rights to the Kate Daniels series and there’s already a a producer, who’s putting together a possible proposal to show to larger studios!

Can you believe it! Just imagine all the things we’re going to be looking forward to seeing the series on film or TV!

However, it is still too early for those thoughts, even Ilona Andrews are being cautiously optimistic about the possible Kate Daniels film/TV series but despite those thoughts this is a major triumph to us fans who have dreamed of seeing our Kate Daniels characters on the screen!

For more info click here to read all about it and look forward to updates about the Kate Daniels film/TV series.

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