Attention! Another Novel of The Hollows Series!

For those of you who have not heard, Kim Harrison is working on a new novel of The Hollows series that’s set to be released in 2017!



According to Kim Harrison, the novel will be called The Turn, which I’m sure fans know the meaning of this title, and we’ll be seeing characters like Trent’s mom and dad, Quen, Alice, Takata. . . I think you’re starting to get that its probably going to be a prequel to The Hollows series. So, there’s a high chance that we won’t see our regular cast of characters of The Hollows series.

Look at the bright side! We’ll get to meet Trent’s parents! Also, aren’t you a bit curious to find out what happened forty years ago before The Holllows series began? What about meeting Trent’s parents?

Keep an eye out for more news about The Turn.


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