A New Incryptid Short Story!

Guess what? Beloved author, Seanan McGuire has just released a new short story of the Incryptid series!




Now who’s the lucky couple picked as the main character for this short story? Just click below to find out and then head over to Seanan McGuire’s Incryptid Short Stories page on her website to download it.




The next stop on Verity and Dominic’s great road trip brings them back to where it all began: Buckley Township, Michigan, the town where two expatriates from the Covenant of Saint George once decided to settle down and rebuild their shattered family. It’s a sleepy, rural community, long removed from the excitement of those early days…but the woods are still dark and deep, and the things that dwell there are still dangerous to the unwary.

When two little boys appear at the Old Parrish Place, claiming that a flower has devoured their friend, it’s up to Verity and Dominic to go out into the woods and see whether or not there’s something left to save. It’s a journey into someone else’s dark place, and it’s hard to say who’s more frightened by the idea: Verity, who knows how much she has to lose, or Dominic, who has no idea.

It’s time to see where the past meets the future, and how the echoes of the one continue to inform the other. It’s time to return to the woods of Buckley, and see what can be seen there. It’s time to bring a child home.


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