Elemental Assassin Fans! Big News From Jennifer Estep!

Attention fans of the Elemental Assassin series!

Our beloved author, Jennifer Estep has huge news!

Can you guess what it is? No? I’ll tell you!

Jennifer Estep has announced on her blog that after Bitter Bite, book 14 of the Elemental Assassin series, is released on February 23, 2016…. there will be two more books!



Can you believe it?!

If not, then get ready for another surprise!

Jennifer Estep has revealed the title for book 15 and its……Unraveled!

Not only that but the release date is set to be  on August 30, 2016!



Honestly, I do not think the Elemental Assassin series will ever get dull because every book is better than the last one.

We should thank Jennifer Estep by continuing to buy her books especially since she continues to come up with more exciting adventures for Gin and her group!

Look forward to more news about the Elemental Assassin series!



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