Review: Wonderment in Death


You’re late for a very important date…

Enter a wonderland of mesmerizing tales. It’s a place that’s neither here nor there, where things are never quite as they seem. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s whimsical masterpiece, ranging from the impossible to the mad to the curiouser, these stories will have you absolutely off your head.

Don’t be afraid to follow them…

I won’t lie but I only got the Down the Rabbit Hole anthology mainly so I could read the Wonderment in Death novella. The other stories were interesting to so you should go ahead and read them even if  only enjoy J.D. Robb‘s work. Now I’m sure you’ve all guessed that Wonderment in Death would have the Alice in Wonderland theme in and let me tell you one thing: you were not wrong. J.D. Robb did an excellent job in this novella by turning a classic children’s story into a sinister story. 

Brother and sister, Marcus and Darlene Fitzwilliams’ deaths indicate to be a murder/suicide so it’s an open -&-shut case. However, Eve’s on the case and realizes that there’s more to this case than meet’s the eye so she searches for answers. It’s not long before Eve finds herself navigating a case that’s riddled with Alice in Wonderland allusions and connections.

It’s been years since I’ve seen Alice in Wonderland so I gotta say it was nice to be reunited with it again in one of my favorite series to read. Yes, Wonderment in Death was twisted version of it but it had me in it’s grip until the very last page of the novella and I’m sure it’ll be the same with anyone who reads it.



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