Review: Ava and The Bear


Grizzly shifter, Bishop King, has two loves – sex and food. So when he meets Ava Lewis, a curvy redhead with the intoxicating scent of sex and chocolate, he knows he’s in trouble.

Ava’s looking for love, not a one night stand, and grizzly shifters don’t do relationships. It doesn’t matter how attracted she is to Bishop, or that every time she’s around him she loses her damn mind and ends up half-naked and in his arms. There’s no future for them and she wants her happily ever after.

But when Ava is targeted by an unstable shifter, Bishop’s vow to stay away from the beautiful, fragile woman is forgotten. Ava doesn’t want his help but Bishop’s grizzly wants her and he’ll stop at nothing to claim her – even if that means battling an ancient and powerful enemy.

Author’s Note: Although Book Two is a stand-alone story, I recommend first reading Book One, “Willow and the Wolf” in order to have a full understanding of the characters.
Please note that this book contains steamy and explicit sex scenes and may not be your cup of tea. It is intended for mature audiences only.

As stated above, Ava and The Bear can be read as a stand-alone but I highly recommend readers to read book 1, Willow and the Wolf, first so you can get an idea of how Ava and Bishop were before their novel. Not only that but I think you’ll enjoy Willow and Mal’s story which was quite enjoyable to read.

Ava and The Bear starts off with our main female lead Ava Lewis being stalked by a shifter who plans on making her his bride. In a fit of jealously, the shifter leaves her friend as a burned corpse and right before leaving promises to come back for her.

Bishop King is a bear shifter who’s so obviously in love with Ava but refuses to be in a relationship with her. It’s not long before Bishop finds out what happened and immediately runs to be with Ava. Due to the incident, Ava and Bishop start to get closer and more intimate but each time something happens between the two, they go back two steps especially Bishop. Now that may sound a bit cruel but trust me, Bishop has his reasons on why he’s always unsure and hesitant about being with Ava. Yes, some of the reasons want to make you slap some sense into him but it’s not his fault and readers will understand once they finish the novel.

Just like in Willow and the Wolf, we’re also introduced to the next characters who’ll be the main focus in the next Shifters book. Not only that but we also get a glimpse of what the plot for the next installment will be which is a common plot readers have read but the way Elizabeth Kelly introduced it to The Shifters series was a shocking twist that will leave you worrying but excited for the next book.

Ava and the Bear was another wonderful romance story in Elizabeth Kelly‘s new The Shifters series. While it is a romance novel, I think readers are going to enjoy the humor Elizabeth Kelly has added because there were plenty of moments in the story that made me laugh out loud even with the suspenseful plot. So I highly recommend this book and its series so if haven’t started The Shifters series go and get started.

*sighs* Spring 2016 seems so far away……

*I received an Ava and The Bear ARC from the author in return for an honest review.* 


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