Review: Come Hell or High Water



The City’s supernatural community is still in mourning, but there’s no time to spend licking their wounds. The face of the City has changed forever and now her citizens must keep up or risk succumbing to the darkness.

As the Magi withdraw to protect themselves and their vulnerable power source, it falls to the Werewolves to step into the void left by a crippled SMV. The Vampires are more than willing to help, but things are moving in the shadows; bad things that threaten to destroy everything Julius has worked for. Princep scheming seems suspicious, but in truth the greater danger lurks much closer to home.

When one of Gabi’s Werewolf friends is kidnapped by tech-savvy vigilantes it seems like an open and shut case of humans fearing what they do not understand. But as Julius travels from the City to answer the Princeps’ summons, leaving Gabi in the relative safety of the Clan, it soon becomes clear that they’ve misjudged the real enemy.

Left confused and floundering, it’s the Princep Benedict who finally provides the information they desperately seek. But his answers do not come without a price.

Defending their beloved City may seem overwhelming, but, come Hell or high water, Hellcat and Co will do whatever it takes.

Batten down the hatches, a tempest is imminent.


The review contains mild spoilers.

Sharon Hannaford has done it again!

After the epic battle and conclusion of To Hell and Back, Sharon Hannaford reveals the  the repercussions of the battle.

Due to the heavy loses, not only does the Magi break away from the Societas Malus Ventori (SMV) organization but it leaves the SMV in a position where it’s no longer able to continue its mission to protect humans from rogue supernaturals.

Not long after that, Julius receives a summons from the Princeps, the the ruling council of the Vampires, in which he and and Gabi must attend. Julius however, refuses to take Gabi with him due to various reasons that includes an incident that occurred in the third book A Cold Day in Hell. Luckily, Gabi and her sidekick werewolf Kyle come up with a risky plan that allows Julius to go to the Princeps while allowing Gabi to stay in the city. If you’ve read the series then you know trouble was bound to happen as soon as Julius left which is what exactly happens. A werewolf friend of Gabi’s is kidnapped by not any supernatural but by humans. Not just any humans but humans who want to expose the supernaturals to the world and eradicate them.

Overall, Come Hell or High Water was another great installment to the Hellcat series just like its previous installments. I just love this series because instead of getting dull it just keeps getting better and better with each new installment! Leave it to Sharon Hannaford for coming up with great story lines. We finally did get some questions answered but there were a couple more new questions that need answering. Normally, the novel has one plot but in this installment there are quite a few interesting sub stories that all connect to the plot and the cliffhanger ending that makes you want to yell “I knew that was going to happen!” but at the same time it gives you an idea of what the next book might be about.

Well, it’s time for the waiting to begin again for book 6 of the Hellcat series.

*I received a Come Hell or High Water ARC from the author in return for an honest review.* 


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