Review: A Red-Rose Chain


After a one year wait, A Red-Rose Chain, book 9 of the October Daye series has been released! I recommend reading on a day off or the weekended because you won’t be able to put it down like me. Seriously, as soon as I got it in the mail I opened and didn’t put it down until I finished which was early in the morning. However, that’s up to you if you want to pull an all-nighter. For me, A Red-Rose Chain was worth it.

Now, the last time we left Toby she was in a happy place and three months later she still is in that happy place. However, that all ends when Queen Arden Windermere’s seneschal is elf-shot which you all know what that means. A hundred years in an enchanted sleep. If that wasn’t bad enough the ones responsible for the attack is the neighboring Kingdom of Silences which means one thing: they want a war. Queen Arden decides to send Toby to the Kingdom of Silences as a diplomat.

I’ll give a moment to get your laughter under control because come one, we all know that sending Toby as a diplomat is a really bad idea. nonetheless, Toby and her band of misfits head to Portland, Oregon, to convince the king, King Rhys of Silences, not to go to war against the Kingdom of the Mists. Not gonna lie but from the start til the end of the book you can feel the tension and seriousness of the situation. After all, remember the kingdoms once went to war with each other and the Silences lost the war. Not only that but King Rhys was appointed as the new king of the Silences by the former and false Queen of the Mists who I’m sure you all remember was hostile to changelings including Toby.

I have to give Seanan McGuire praises because despite everything that went on in the novel there were moments that made you teary eyed and plenty of  lines that will make you laugh out loud despite the situation from the start to the end. I used to think book 6, Ashes of Honor was my favorite novel but it looks like it’s now tied with A Red-Rose Chain.

It’s been hard to find a good series about the fae and boy am I glad I found the October Daye series. Since I started it it’s been so enjoyable to read and is nowhere near close to turning into a boring series. Sure we’re going to have wait til September 2016 for book 10, Once Broken Faith, but I’m sure it’ll be another amazing novel and Seanan McGuire will continue to do an amazing job in this magical world of faerie.

Oh, those wanting to know about Toby and Tybalt’s relationship and engagement, let’s just say their love is strong as ever and you’ll enjoy reading the moments between these two.

Now let the countdown for Once Broken Faith begin!



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