Review: True


Nothing in Layla and Max’s world will ever be the same.

Since Max left, and joined his father in the Shadow Realm, everything in Layla’s life has changed. The Demon Gods threaten to destroy the Otherworld, and an inconceivable darkness has awakened—a darkness that wants control of Layla’s will. It also wants Max … dead. Not only must Layla face the true fire simmering inside her, but fight the one she loves most.
And this time, with her friends and family left behind, she’s completely on her own.

Leaving Layla nearly destroyed Max, but it was his only choice. Now, he must play the part—stay in control of his end goal, his actions, and the poison coursing through his veins, clouding his thoughts, and turning him into what he fears most, a Demon God. But even with his Oghams fighting the toxins, his control is slipping. Living in the Fomore castle with his Vampyre Fae ex-girlfriend isn’t making it any easier to stay sane, and waiting to face off against Layla is taking its toll.

In the final installment of the Fire Born Novels trilogy, the legendary Battle will be fought, and Layla and Max stand to lose everything. How far will they go to save each other and protect the ones they love? Even they don’t know the answer.
No one can win.

From the ashes of old,
They shall rise.
The last of the Ancients,
Foe and Ally.
The Legend lies in wait,
And bides its time.
Until at last the day comes,
For the children born of fire.

For the review just click below but beware for mild spoilers if you haven’t read the previous Fire Born novels.

I’m sure those of you who’ve read Torn were left dying to get you hands on True after that cliffhanger. Considering that True is the final novel of the Fire Born series I won’t be spoiling much since it’s impossible talking about True without spoiling it. I will say that True was an epic conclusion to the Fire Born series which kept getting better and better with every new novel. Not only was True an action packed filled novel but it also answered many questions that I’m sure we all have wanted to know since reading Tied and Torn.

Now for the romance, I’m sure people are worried about Layla and Max’s fate in this last Fire Born novel. Sadly, I’m not going to say anything about their fate because it’s something you have to read and find out on your own. I will say that Layla and Max do have a couple of moments that make one’s heart race or stop. So prepare yourself!

Overall, Laney McMann did an excellent job on Torn and although I’m sad to see it end, it was a great conclusion to the Fire Born series. So don’t forget True is set to be released on September 7, 2015 but it’s available for pre-ordering.

*I received True from Jagged Lane Books via Netgalley in return for an honest review.* 


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