Review: The Veil


Presenting Chloe Neill’s first novel of her new Devil’s Isle series, The Veil.

Normally, I wait for the second book of a new series but being a major fan of Chloe Neill’s work I couldn’t help myself and even though I now have to wait for book 2 I don’t regret reading The Veil.

Now for the review just click below but beware for mild spoilers if you haven’t read The Veil.

Chloe Neill has once again created an exciting series. It’s just book 1 and you can already see that the series has a lot of potential. After reading The Veil, I don’t have any doubts that the Devil’s Isle series will be just as big as the Chicagoland Vampire series.

The series is set in a modern day dystopian New Orleans and in the middle of New Orleans there’s a magical barrier known as the Veil that separates the human and Paranormal worlds. Seven years ago, the Veil opened and New Orleans was nearly destroyed by a war with the supernatural creatures that came through before the it was resealed. However, that didn’t mean everything went back to normal before the war. Now, food and resources are valuable so it’s like living in a war zone.The supernatural creatures left behind have all been sent and locked up to a community known as Devil’s Isle to protect the humans who remain. Magic is forbidden but there are few humans who can wield it that are known as Sensitives and if caught they are exiled to Devil’s Isle. The reason for that is Sensitives are seen as a danger to themselves and humanity because they could eventually turn into wraiths which are mindless human monsters driven by the need to consume magic.

Our heroine, Claire Connolly, found out eight months ago that she is able to move objects with magic. All Claire wants is to live in peace so she’s forced to hide her magical abilities from the authorities while trying  to survive in post-war New Orleans running her family’s antique shop.One night returning home, Claire uses her powers instead of keeping her head down and is seemed by a bounty hunter. Instead of turning her in, the bounty hunter, Liam Quinn decides to help Claire to control her magic, while teaching her that not all supernatural creatures are bad. Of course, it’s not long before real trouble shows up. Not only are there more wraiths running loose around the city and attacking people but there are people who are trying to repeat an incident from seven years ago.

Now I won’t lie, The Veil felt more like an intro to the Devil’s Isle series and the first half of the plot was a bit slow but who cares? After all, it’s the first book so of course majority of it is going to be important information to know about the world of Devil’s Isle and Chloe Neill did a great job at explaining this history to readers. Don’t worry, the second half was not only more exciting and action-packed but a race against time.

Now those of you who are curious about the romance between Claire and Liam, don’t expect it to be like Merit and Ethan from the Chicagoland Vampire series. Sure, there’s obvious interest and sexual tension between Liam and Claire but there was hardly any romance in The Veil and let’s just say it looks like we got a forbidden love plot thanks to one of two main characters. So it looks like it’ll be a slow romance.

Overall, The Veil had a thrilling plot and I’m really looking forward to seeing where Chloe Neill will take the Devil’s Isle series and it’s characters.



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