Review: Trust


That’s what the voice inside my head kept repeating when I woke up between the infamous lion statues of the New York Public Library, with no idea how I got there and no memory of the last year of my life.

The only person I ever trusted was my mother, who lied about everything.

I want to trust myself, despite my missing memories. But hearing a voice inside my head obviously isn’t a good thing, especially since it know things I don’t… like how to speak Ancient Sumerian, the fact that yellow-eyed people aren’t actually people, and that my mother’s Egyptian ankh necklace was the key to unlocking the truth she was hiding:

I’m the last in a long lineage of powerful women whose secrets date back to the ancient Library of Alexandria.

I’m fighting like hell to stay alive while searching for both my missing mother and the truth, desperate to find something or someone I can trust.


I have to say, Trust was not bad for a debut novel. In fact, Jodi Baker did an excellent job on her first novel that I am looking forward to the next novel of the Between the Lions trilogy. I’m sure there will be a lot of people  who will enjoy this novel as I did.

Click below for my full review but be warned there might be mild spoilers.

Trust really  held my interest especially since there was a lot of Egyptian and Greek mythology which have always been interesting themes. Of course, in Trust the mythology gives you a different outlook about it and to be honest I enjoyed those twists.

Now for the heroine.

Our heroine is Anna, who’s from a mysterious line that is tied to ancient history and secrets. Not only that but Anna has a mysterious voice in her head that’s there for most of the book, which gives her advice every so often but randomly.  We’re shown that Anna’s mother Kali, is trying to protect her from their family’s secrets and history so for most of Anna’s life, Anna has been told to  be ordinary and to not stand out. In other words, Kali’s paranoid. One night Kali disappears and the next day  Anna wakes up between the lion statues at the New York Library with no memory of how she got there. Also, if that is not enough it turns out Anna has lost a year of memories. Now Anna’s on a journey to find her  mother while trying to avoid getting killed by certain people who want her dead.

I’m usually a romance fan but I don’t mind if  a book doesn’t have it. So I was quite surprise that near the end of the Trust there were hints of it between Anna and the mysterious character Cax. Looks like I have something else to look forward to in the next book.

* I received Trust from NetGalley in return for an honest review.* 


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