Review: The Beautiful Ashes


As you know the renowned author, Jeaniene Frost, has begun a new series known as the Broken Destiny series and if you’ve read her Night Huntress and Night Prince series then you’ll fall in love with this one as well.

Be warned however, The Beautiful Ashes has no vampires…..but it does have Angels and Demons!

The story begins with our main heroine Ivy, who’s searching for her sister, Jasmine, after her parents died in a car crash while also looking for Jasmine. Something you should know about Ivy is ever since she was a child, Ivy’s been having visions that she can’t explain which lead her to seeing doctors and taking medication. Of course, none of the medication works since she still has the visions but decided not to tell anyone that they’re still occurring. While looking for her sister at the hotel where she went missing, Ivy gets attacked but is saved by a mysterious guy named Adrian who explains not only what her visions are but what she is.

You can tell right away that Ivy and Adrian have an attraction towards each other. Sadly, one of them refuses to act on his feelings, yep it’s Adrian and trust me, Adrian does try his best to not fall in temptation with Ivy. Reason why? Won’t give much away but let’s just say Adrian’s bloodline has a long history of betraying Ivy’s bloodline. However, you’ll get a twist in the ending when their positions switch after Ivy discovers something Adrian kept from her.

I gotta say I love it that Jeaniene Frost is using the opposites theme in this series. I mean we got the light vs. dark, good vs. evil, and angels vs. demons vs. humans themes. To top it off, we’ve got Old and New Testament characters to based this series on and you’ll be surprised to know who they are and who their descendants are.

Man, this wasn’t Jeaniene Frost typical vampire series but she did an excellent job on this new series. Can’t wait for the next novel of the the Broken Destiny series!


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