Review: The Shadows


After a year waiting for J.R. Ward’s next book, The Shadows, has been released!

I gotta admit that I have mixed feelings about this book. Both negative and positive feelings. However, despite those feelings I have that will torment me for a couple of days, The Shadows was another great installment of The Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Trez and Selena….this couple piqued my interest since their first encounter in Lover at Last Then in The King, I started to root for their HEA especially when we got to know more of their backgrounds and circumstances. So when I heard The Shadows was their book I became excited because they were finally going to get their HEA like the Brothers and their shellans (mates).

Boy was I heartbroken. Like I said earlier I had mixed feelings about this book. On one side, I wanted explanations from J.R. Ward and was also screaming off my frustration but on the other side I can see why it had to happen and it’s sort of a bittersweet ending.

We can’t forget Trez’s brother iAm who was in this book a lot considering its called The Shadows but I felt it was Trez and Selena’s story instead. I hope we get to see  iAm and his female in their own book because I felt we didn’t get enough of them so I hope J.R. Ward will return to their story one day.

On the side note, we got to see many of our favorite characters of The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. An example would be Rhage and Mary who may have gotten their HEA but still face some troubles. We also get to see the setup of J.R. Ward‘s Blood Kiss, the first book of her Black Dagger Legacy series.

So yes, I don’t regret reading The Shadows because overall, I thought Trez and Selena’s story was one of the most beautiful stories in The Black Dagger Brotherhood series despite it’s outcome.


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