Review: Storm Warned


Looking for a good series to read?

Look no further and head out to read The Grim Series by Dani Harper, whose latest novel, Storm Warned, will be released in three days!

Best part is you don’t have to read the first 2 installments for the series to understand it since each one is a standalone. I do recommend reading the books because I enjoyed reading them despite them each being a standalone.

However, I gotta say that Storm Warned became my favorite novel of The Grim Series after reading it.

This time we get a female Grim named Caris who was turned by the Fae prince but manages to escape back to the human world after two centuries. There she meets Liam who due to some heartbreak and betrayal has become nothing more than a broken man.

I’m sure you can all see where this is going but trust me, its such a beautiful story. If there’s one type of story I never get tired of it’s love stories that has a character heal another character who’s broken. Which is exactly what Dani Harper delivers with Caris and Liam in Storm Warned.

*I received A Storm Warned from NetGalley in return for an honest review.*


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