Review: Talon


As a fan of the Eden series I just had to read Julie Kagawa‘s first book of her new Talon series. Especially since it’s about dragons and it’s been a long time since I’ve read good series about dragons.

Now I know I said it was about dragons but it’s actually about dragons who are hiding in their human form from a secret group of dragon slayers called the Order of St. George. The dragons are determined to infiltrate the human society and one day take over the world again while the dragon slayers are determined not to let that happen so they hunt them down.

Ember and Dante are dragons, who come from the same nest, which is highly unusual in dragon society. Ember is rebellious while Dante is determined to follow the rules of their kind. Both Ember and Dante are sent to learn how to live with humans during the summer which is something that leaves Ember excited since she’ll finally be able to experience fun and freedom.

Garret, a member of the Order of St. George, is sent to California to find the new hatchling that sources say has been infiltrating the town. At first, Garret isn’t sure if Ember is a dragon or not, the fact that she has a twin luckily throws him off since dragons don’t have siblings. In order to learn the truth he has to get closer to her but as we all know from other series that plan always leads to love. To top it all off there’s a love triangle but I’ll that character for you to read about.

Can’t wait for the next book especially after that cliffhanger.


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