Review: Vision In Silver


At last we get the 3rd book of The Others series by our beloved author Anne Bishop!

Reading this book and series was such a great pleasure. I must admit that I wasn’t disappointed since I couldn’t put any of the books down.

If you’ve read the other books by Anne Bishop then you’ll enjoy this book but you really should read the first two.Trust me you won’t regret it!

Meg, Simon, and everybody else  are back!
The story picks up right after the last book and deals with the consequences of what happened. Last time our heroes has saved the Cassandra Sangue who are young girls that were locked up and were bled for prophecies. Now freed, they are learning to live on their own with Meg being a guide for them. Also as always, the Humans First and Last are making trouble for The Others with the police right between the two groups.

Now that I finished Vision In Silver I have to wait for the next book to come out and its not going to be a pleasant wait. Makes me regret reading this book so quickly….

Oh well, it was worth it!


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