Review: Death Marked


After reading Leah Cypess‘ first novel of her Death Sworn series I just couldn’t wait for the next book to come out.

I enjoyed reading this book and I’m very happy I did but that ending…….leaves a bad taste…..

Ileni definitely struggled with the evils of using the Empire’s tainted magic and she made some big mistakes along the way. I loved watching her struggle with her desire for magic and her desire for good. Also, because of the events of Death Sworn, Ileni isn’t the same so we lose a bit of the wit and bravado she had that novel.

This novel really leaves you trying to figure out who’s the lesser of the two evils: the Empire or the Assassins. Which is something Ileni herself struggles with throughout the book and I struggled with as well. I still don’t know who to side with after finishing Death Marked.

Other than that one flaw, Death Marked was definitely worth reading.

Here’s hoping we get a third book.



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