Review: Dead Heat


After 3 long years, author Patricia Briggs has released book 4 of the Alpha & Omega series!

Charles and Anna were my favorite pairing in the Mercy Thompson World but that was before I started reading the Mercy Thompson series. Actually, it was thanks to the Alpha & Omega series that I got started reading Mercy’s series. So even though Mercy & Adam are now my favorite pairing I won’t ever forget Charles and Anna so I’ll continue to read their books.

In Dead Heat, Charles and Anna travel to a ranch that belongs to Joseph, a friend of Charles’, to pick out a horse for Anna’s birthday. Joseph also happens to be human and is currently dying of old age so we get to know more of Charles’ past and his relationships with others. You also feel sorry for Charles since Joseph isn’t the first human he’s outlived in his long immortal life.

Once again the Fae are causing trouble in Dead Heat. Not just any trouble but it’s kidnapping children and one of them targets is a member of Joseph’s family who gets attacked by one of the Fae. So of course Anna and Charles get involved.

Charles and Anna’s relationship has really grown since their first encounter in Alpha and Omega. Not only as a couple but individually and as partners.


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