Review: White Church, Black Mountain


Any one of you ever hear about the ‘the troubles’?

If not it’s something you should look into.

‘The Troubles’ refer to three decades of violence between the Irish/Roman Catholics and the British/Protestants in Northern Ireland. The violent conflict that involved bombings, kidnappings and murders ended in 1998 with a peace treaty. There is still some struggle to bring Protestant and Catholic groups together but there is also some hope that both sides will eventually get past the troubles. (No pun intended)

For those who are interested in “The Troubles” I highly recommend this book. This is a great read and it shows us a third side who are victims of this period. Thomas Paul Burgess‘ latest novel White Church, Black Mountain is based on actual events. However, it instead deals with ‘post-conflict’ events and survivors who wanted to seek and build a future in the aftermath of the conflict.


*I received White Church, Black Mountain from NetGalley in return for an honest review.*  


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