Review: Tormentor 

Looking for a good Haunted house book to read?

Well look no further William Meikle latest novel Tormentor is the perfect book to read.

After his wife’s death, Jim Greenwood decides to leave his life in the city and moves to a remote shore of Loch Dunvegan. The people are friendly to Jim but all avoid mentioning the history of Jim’s new home and the ruins of the old crofter’s cottage on its grounds. It’s not long before mysterious smudges and stick figures drawn in soot begin to appear. Instead of being afraid Jim begins to believe that somehow his dead wife, Beth, is trying to get in contact with him. When things start to get worse, Jim still believes that it is Beth trying to get to him.

First, I gotta say that William Meikle did an excellent job describing parts of Scotland like the coast. Scotland is always a good setting but there some authors that can never catch its beauty. Tormentor is definitely one of my favorites of William Meikle‘s books. Anyone looking for a good scare is welcomed to read this book and it will have you wanting to know what will happen to Jim in the end.


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