Review: Stealing the Wolf Prince


Here’s a book I highly recommend to readers by the author Elle Clouse.

The main heroine is a girl named Kiera who lives with her cousin, Brogan, whose her only relative left and who happens to be a con artist. Due to that Kiera herself has been involved in some cons to survive but doesn’t enjoy it. Brogan eventually convinces her to one final con which is Kiera will pose as a princess and marry one of the sons of the king of Cearbhall so they can all retire from their lives as con artists. Cearbhall also happens to the kingdom where Kiera grew up and where she had the opportunity to grow up with the princes.Of the brothers, Kiera was closet to the eldest brother Lachlan so it’s not surprising that Kiera has some hopes of being married to him.

Unfortunately, unknown to Kiera, Lachlan has been imprisoned in the dungeon since his adolescence because of his wolfborn affliction and so she is engaged to one of the brothers who have taken the throne from Lachlan. Of course, the con gets discovered and Kiera is sent to the dungeon where a certain “crazed” wolfborn is to die. Upon meeting up with Lachlan, Kiera doesn’t recognize him but Lachlan sure does and won’t let his brothers  hurt her.

Stealing the Wolf Prince was such a sweet love story between two old childhood sweethearts and a sweet version of Beauty and the Beast. It’s so hard to find a good fairy tale romance nowadays. I’ve heard this is the first book to a series known as the Wylderland Chronicles and that  Elle Clouse is working on the next book so I hope it gets release soon! This is definitely a series I would come back to read.


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