Review: Unleashed


It’s out!

Sophie Jordan‘s sequel to her Uninvited novel has been Unleashed! (pun intended)

I was excited about reading this novel after finishing the first one.

In the novel, our characters decide to flee the US and try to get into Mexico. Unfortunately, they almost get caught and our main heroine Davy, is shot and separated from the group. Luckily, Davy is saved by a new character, Caden who finds takes her to a colony of carriers like herself who are fighting the system that would imprison them. While staying in the colony, Davy begins to feel drawn to Caden, her defenses began to break, her heart begins to open up to him, and Davy feels like herself before her life came crashing down.

Now for those of you who read the first novel I’m sure you were disappointed about Sean but you gotta admit, you can’t blame Davy for falling for Caden. Normally I hate love triangles and I loved Sean but Caden won me over as well. So this is one of those few series in which I forgive the love triangle because either way Davy would have gotten a great guy.


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